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Google disabled Xiaomi smart home products. Xiaomi responded that it has communicated to repair the

Original title: Xiaomi response device is disabled by Google: it has communicated with Google and repaired the bug. It will be online again in time. Source: techweb

On January 3, in response to the fact that the device was disabled by Google due to privacy issues, Xiaomi's official statement said in the afternoon that MI home security camera basic 1080p sold overseas will have a small probability of receiving a bug of streaming pictures from cameras under other Google user accounts when connecting Google's screen speakers through Google home hub. We have communicated with relevant platforms to suspend the service and repair bugs.

Previously, it was reported that after the Xiaomi home camera just bought by overseas users was integrated into Google nest hub, they accidentally saw images in other people's homes. Meanwhile, due to the problem of privacy disclosure, Google banned all smart home products of Xiaomi from accessing Google devices.

In response, Xiaomi responded that the relevant service was a new test function launched on December 26, 2019. We have communicated with relevant platforms, suspended the service and repaired relevant bugs at 17:00 on January 2, 2020.

Xiaomi said that when the aforementioned bug appears in the MI home security camera basic 1080p sold overseas and connects Google with screen speaker products through the Google home hub platform, it has a very small probability in the case of weak network. The total number of users with relevant usage scenarios is 1044, of which only a few are likely to be affected.

In addition, Xiaomi also said that domestic users and all users (including Chinese and overseas users) using Mijia app platform and Xiaomi home related cameras will not be affected. At present, Xiaomi security center has communicated with Google and repaired relevant bugs. After the two sides jointly test and improve, we will re launch the function in due time.