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How to choose the right color for your hair

Hair dyeing is no longer the patent of the elderly, but also popular among young people. Dyeing a suitable hair color can improve their temperament, change their mental outlook, and make their work and life bright and fresh. So how to choose the right hair color? Let's talk about it today.

Three methods: it's easy to choose the right hair color when planning your own image and combining your own color to dye your hair, and it's difficult to choose the right color. There are many factors to consider, such as skin color, the color of hair itself and the color of eyes and so on. This article can help you make the right choice.

Method 1: plan your own image

1. Think about what you want. Do you want to change the color of your hair a little bit to make you look more energetic, or do you want to make a dramatic change? But before you dye your hair, make sure your company or school doesn't allow it.

2. Collect some pictures of the hair color you want. Cut it from a magazine, save it in a mobile phone or computer, and show the pictures you collected to your barber, which can help you dye more accurate colors.

3. See if you need a haircut before dyeing your hair. Generally speaking, it is cut first and then dyed. To save money, the hair is cut short and the dye is used less naturally. Second, you can see the effect of the new shape immediately after the hair is dyed.

4. Time and money for hair care should also be considered. If you choose a different color from your own hair, such as from black to yellow, you need to dye your hair roots regularly to maintain your look. But if you choose a color similar to your hair color, there is not much worry about regular maintenance.

Method 2: combine your own color

1. There are many ways to judge skin tone. The first is to see the color of your blood vessels. First, stand in a place with good natural light, raise your arms, palm up, and look at your wrist. Look through your skin to see what color your blood vessels are.

If your blood vessels look blue, your skin tone is cold.

If your blood vessels look green, your skin tone is warm.

2. If you can't tell the color of skin through the color of blood vessels, or you want to confirm the color of your skin again, try using colored paper. Prepare yellow, red, white, green, silver and blue paper, one at a time, to compare with the face skin.

If your skin color looks better with red and yellow paper, then you are a warm skin color.

If your complexion looks better when paired with white, green, silver and blue paper, you're a cool complexion.

3. The color of eyes is closely related to the choice of hair color, which is also one of the factors to be considered. If you don't know how to choose, ask your hairdresser what color will make your eyes look more beautiful.

If your eyes are brown or light brown, then dark brown series is suitable for you. Chocolate brown and dark coffee brown are recommended.

If it's blue eyes or gray eyes, cool colors like light gold or grandma's gray are good choices.

Method 3: choose the right hair color

1. Brown is the safest color, which is different from red, gold and black. Almost everyone can find a suitable brown. Brown post maintenance is the simplest, do not need to frequent dye, this color of hair dye is also available everywhere. And Brown looks glossy in the sun. It can effectively cover the damaged hair and make the hair look better.

If you have a lighter complexion, choose a medium dark brown or a reddish brown. Dark brown is not recommended, unless it's your original hair color, because dark brown will make your face look pale.

If your skin is not too black or too white, it's recommended to have a medium dark brown, such as caramel and auburn. Light brown and so on are not suitable.

If your skin is darker, try dark brown. It is not suitable to try two or more Browns lighter than your skin.

2. Similar to brown, red is also a versatile color. But different skin tones are suitable for different shades of red.

People with light skin color are suitable for light red, such as golden yellow and copper red. Dark red, such as deep purple red, will make the face pale.

If the skin color is medium, choose a medium depth copper color or a reddish brown color that is neither too deep nor too light. Avoid dark purple and other purple hues that will make you look yellow.

People with darker skin should try a medium dark reddish brown or chestnut brown. Avoid the special red color, because it will set off your skin color.

3. Blonde is also a popular hair color. Some people are born with blonde hair. The purpose of dyeing hair is to make it lighter, while some people want to try new shapes. As long as your skin color is not very black, gold is a good choice. But late maintenance of blonde hair is expensive. Need to dye hair roots and fix color frequently.

People with light skin color can choose light gold or golden yellow. But avoid colors such as white, gray and slightly red, which will make your skin pale.

People with less white skin are suitable for golden, beige and other medium depth gold. Gray or orange color appears to have no blood color is excluded naturally.

People with deep skin color are better to choose a dark gold color, such as caramel color. Or just gold. If dyed white, silver grey or orange, it will look like wearing a wig.

4. Black hair is very eye-catching and charming, suitable for people with medium or deep skin color. But for lighter skinned people, other lighter colors are more suitable. It's hard to get the black back after dyeing, so think clearly before dyeing.

People with lighter skin color are suitable for brown black or dark brown. If it is pure black, the skin will appear unnaturally white and even red.

Medium skin tone should be dark brown or natural black. But remember that black with red will make your face yellow.

Dark skin is best with charcoal. But should not choose any black with blue, otherwise the face will turn green.

5. When choosing hair color, you must consider your own color. There are many different kinds of brown, red, gold and black. You should choose the most suitable one according to your own situation. Choose the right color to make you more beautiful.

If the color belongs to warm color system, choose the cool color.

On the contrary, their own color is colder, so they choose warm colors.

Tip: the selected hair color should not be darker or lighter than the two shades of your own skin color.

Do not know what color is most suitable for the situation should consult a professional barber.

Blonde hair needs to be bleached, so it does a lot of damage to the hair and is not suitable for damaged hair quality. People with deep skin color will look unnatural if they dye blonde hair.