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How to refund the deposit of harrow bicycle? How long can the refund of harrow bicycle arrive now sharing bikes has become one of the indispensable ways of travel in our life. Harrow bikes can be seen everywhere in many cities, and it's convenient to ride. However, after many friends use them, they find that the refund has become a problem, so how can harrow bikes refund the deposit? Now let's take a look at the steps of harrow bicycle deposit refund.

Open the harrow bike app in the mobile phone, and find the 'villain' icon in the upper left corner at the location of the map on the app homepage (the location is indicated by the arrow in the figure below).

After entering the harrow user interface, find the item "my wallet".

Open 'my wallet' and find 'my deposit' on the page.

After clicking "my deposit", harrow bike app will prompt you to confirm whether to return the deposit. If you do want to return the deposit, click "return the deposit" according to the prompt.