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What should I pay attention to when I'm dating a girl!

What should I pay attention to when I'm dating a girl! for the first date girl, it's always awkward. However, many of them are familiar with each other. Many girls feel that their own conditions are good. Why can't they always find their own white horse? Have you ever thought that there might be something wrong with your dating style? Now let's talk about the precautions for girls' dating.

Girls should pay attention to the following points when dating:

1. During the first 'casual' meeting, all the big and small affairs are left to the other party to choose, decide and deal with. They are totally passive. Unless the other party happens to be a man and a woman, the other party immediately feels bored and tired. And even if the other person has a strong desire to control, they will also want to meet your wishes: what do you want to do? Where would you like to go? If you don't have any expectations, you will always be 'casual', and the other party will also feel uninterested. Again, dating is for two, and you might as well make preparations.

2. The attitude of paying is not enough. In fact, in the primary stage of love, the attitude of paying is very important. If the other side is a big man and a big woman and has enough strength, the best way to avoid it is to make AA with the other side. But if the other side's ideas are westernized and everything is equal and independent, you may as well AA pay the bill. If the other party is older and stronger than you, you don't have to pretend to rush to pay the bill. Just express your sincere thanks. But after several times, you may as well buy a single.

3. Too brilliant love resume talking about past love experience is almost a required course for new dating. However, it's easy for them to end up with nothing wrong. If the experience is rich, the other party may feel that you are easy to spend money, or that you are not very punctual; if the experience is not only rich and painful, the other party will not sympathize with you, but will feel that it must be you who have problems before you are constantly dumped. Of course, the exception is that the other party is another literary youth. (however, it seems that it's rare for Wenqing to run to the sincere & hellip; & hellip;)

4. For the first time, don't let your body go ahead. Even if you fall in love at first sight, there's no need to shout and be frank. First, the other side will feel 'too soon' afterwards. Second, you will lose your enthusiasm. At least two times later, at least after we have a clear relationship with each other & hellip; & hellip;

5. When we meet at the beginning of a blind date, silence is the first time we meet a stranger. It's not the most difficult to find a topic, but it's always going on. If you don't say a word, or no matter what the other party says, you will only have a cool response. If you don't actively create a topic, you will definitely let the other party back out and calm down. Dating, after all, is about two people.

6. The dress temperament and the other party are totally out of tune for the first time. If one party feels that the other party's dress taste is bad, they are not willing to walk together, so there will be basically no second chance. If you don't have much confidence in your dress taste, you may want to check out the dress matching guide of fashion magazines before dating.