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What effect does sour jujube kernel have? Side effects and food taboos of wild jujube kernel

Sour jujube kernel is made of sour jujube by removing the pulp and drying it. Sour jujube kernel has very good medicinal value. Therefore, many people eat sour jujube kernel for health care in life. So what are the effects of sour jujube kernel? Does sour jujube kernel have side effects? This article brings you the pharmacological effects and taboos of wild jujube kernel. Let's have a look.

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1、 Pharmacological action of wild jujube kernel

1. Sedative effect: the oral or intraperitoneal injection of Suanzaoren Decoction to rats showed sedation and somnolence. The sedative index of mice was 1.95, which showed synergistic effect with barbiturates. After Suanzaoren was used continuously for 6 days, the sleep of animals would become lighter and the duration would be shortened, which would produce tolerance, but it could disappear after stopping the drug for 1 week.

2. Calming effect: after intraperitoneal injection of Suanzaoren Decoction to rats, all animals showed quiet and sleepy. But external stimuli can wake it up. When the dose was increased to the toxic dose, there was no disappearance of righting reflex and anesthesia in mice. The decoction can inhibit conditioned reflex but not non conditioned reflex after intragastric administration to mice. Zizyphus jujuba seed also has a significant antagonistic effect on the manic phenomenon of cats caused by subcutaneous injection of morphine hydrochloride.

3. Analgesic effect: the hot plate method in mice proved that intraperitoneal injection of Suanzaoren Decoction had obvious analgesic effect, the latency of pain response in mice was significantly prolonged, and the action time lasted for 3 hours. If the decoction is taken orally or injected intraperitoneally, it has cooling effect on normal rats.

2、 What side effects does sour jujube kernel have?

Some people are prone to lip numbness, throat blockage, tongue stiffness, salivation, limb numbness, arrhythmia and so on. Zizyphus jujuba kernel also has certain toxicity. 150g / kg Zizyphus jujuba kernel is given to mice by gavage without toxic symptoms. The chronic toxicity experiment in rats shows that its toxicity is very low. The median lethal dose of intraperitoneal injection in mice is 14.33 & plusmn; 2.015 g / kg, but the maximum dose can also have toxicity. In general, the side effects of wild jujube kernel are not big, but for the sake of their own health, when taking wild jujube kernel, they must thoroughly understand this traditional Chinese medicine and their own physical condition, and then consult a professional doctor or expert. They can't take it indiscriminately.

3、 What taboos does sour jujube kernel have?

1. It is not recommended for some patients who are excited and overworked, because this kind of patients can easily lead to arrhythmia.

2. Patients with allergic constitution and local drug allergy history had better not take jujube kernel, because this type of patients can easily lead to physical allergy, and even skin pruritus or urticaria in severe cases.

3, be unbearable to contemplate the patients with special diseases, especially those with high blood fat, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.

4. Patients with renal insufficiency and cerebrovascular diseases had better not eat. In addition, patients with operation history and trauma history are not suitable to take sour jujube kernel. If patients who drink a lot and smoke a lot take sour jujube kernel, it is easy to cause various side effects.

5. Pregnant women had better not drink sour jujube kernel in water, which is easy to endanger their own and their children's health. If you want to take it, you'd better consult a doctor before deciding.