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How can a blind date find out whether the other party is satisfied? These can help you to see throug there's a story saying: if your parents don't give you a blind date, do you really think you can find someone? A great truth has indeed brought countless old fellow hearts. It's true that in today's fast-paced life, it's a long process to know someone and then get married, and there are many variables, so dating has become the best shortcut to marriage, so the question is, many people have a question after dating, is the other party satisfied with themselves? Let's answer for you.

The performance of a blind date who is not satisfied with you

Unsatisfied body movements during a blind date

1. When chatting with a blind date, it is an evasive attitude to hold the other person's arms across his chest. This may be listening to something you don't want to hear or not interested in your chat. You will choose to close your eyes or hold your arms to show the attitude of avoiding resistance.

2. During a blind date, the person's hand against his chin indicates that he is bored or tired. At this time, you should start to ask questions to arouse the conversation desire of the other person instead of just saying it yourself.

3. When dating with the other party, you should pay attention to the direction of the other party's feet. If it is facing the door or window, it means that the other party is very uncomfortable and wants to leave.

4. In addition, the crossing of the legs of the mate is a blocking posture, which indicates the inner uneasiness. When the crossed legs start to kick forward, it indicates that the other person doesn't like such topics.

5. The partner's leg shaking may represent the pressure or tension of the other party. If he / she is uncomfortable, he / she may want to leave.

6. People's body tends to lean towards those who make them feel comfortable. If they feel uneasy, people will stay away from people they don't like or turn their bodies to exits.

When we meet, we are indifferent and absent-minded

For your conversation, the other person always has a light expression, a smirk, a coping style, and often absent-minded and distracted, which means that he has no mind to listen to you, probably out of politeness, and is more likely not interested in you.

I don't want to talk about myself when I'm dating

Generally speaking, we will talk about our own situation when we meet each other to lay the foundation for the next communication. However, if the person we meet doesn't want to talk about it more, or even turn off your inquiry, it is likely that they are not interested in it.

Hurry to go when we meet

When we meet each other, we need to give time to understand each other. If we look elsewhere or at the time, it means that he really wants to leave.

Don't send them home or don't want them to

After a blind date, a man will send his wife home out of a gentleman, or a girl will let you send her home. This is a sign of consent to more contact. On the contrary, it is a sign of not wanting to have too much contact, so it means that people are not interested in you.

No message or phone call from the other party after dating

We like girls to be reserved, so this is a suggestion for girls. If a girl doesn't receive a message or a phone call from the man late that night after the blind date home, that is, the man can't see your expression, because if the man is interested in you, he will surely care about you after you go home, at least one message will Yes, ask if you're home, ask if you can get to know each other again, etc., so if you don't receive it, you don't need to hold much hope.

An appointment was rejected after a blind date

After the date, if the impression is OK, they will meet each other to see each other at the appointed time, which is the initial communication. However, if you are pushed off by the other party for busy work, recent affairs and other reasons, in fact, they refuse to see you again. Since there is no predestination, there is no need for us to continue.

Some performances of your date's satisfaction

Tender eyes

If you have a good feeling for someone, the look in TA's eyes is not the same. It's warm, soft, loving and honey. Maybe there are some. There is no indifference, indifference or even disregard. Therefore, you can reach the heart of TA through this window. A person's recognition of feelings, generally will appear in the eyes, eyes are not deceptive.

It's more active for you

Initiative reflects a person's initiative, even offensive. In the face of the person you like, you will subconsciously take the initiative and be positive, for fear of not doing well enough to reduce the score for the blind date, so you will pay special attention to your behavior. If the person offers you an invitation to date after the date, this kind of initiative fully proves that he is interested in you and wants to continue to get along with you.

Always smile at you

Smile is not only a reflection of emotions, but also a direct reflection of the deep heart. 'smile is a natural expression of pleasant mood. When you are faced with people who are interested in it, you will also really show appreciation and love. It is natural for a smile to hang on your face.

I'm more patient with you

If the TA is interested in you, your questions will be answered one by one. In dating, as long as it's a proper problem, it can be used as conversation content. Therefore, if other characteristics of the other party are not clear, this way can also be used to explore.

Willing to spend money for you

Once there was a famous advertisement saying: 'if you love her, please invite her to eat Haagen Dazs'. A blind date said that his girlfriend likes to eat all kinds of desserts, he never stingy money, basically will meet her requirements. He just thinks it's an expression of love. As long as the other party is happy, he will be happy.