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Which is better, soft mattress or hard mattress? How about a soft bed for children?

With busy work and fast pace of life, people are paying more and more attention to the improvement of quality of life and the quality of sleep. So what kind of mattress would you choose? Is it a hard mattress or a soft one?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mattress and hardwood?

1. Mattress

The general mattress is softer than the hardwood board. It is comfortable to sleep and can be completely relaxed. No matter what the sleeping posture is, it can adapt to and shape a comfortable state. It can effectively relax the shoulder and waist and avoid the phenomenon of falling on the pillow. The disadvantage of mattresses is that most of the inner core of mattresses are sponges, which are easy to breed mites or bacteria when used for a long time, and will affect people's health.

2. Hardwood

The hardwood bed is generally made of solid wood. Sleeping on the hardwood bed for a long time is beneficial to the protection of the spine and can effectively alleviate the cervical spondylosis caused by office workers' long-term sitting in the office. The disadvantage of hardwood board is that the comfort will be a little lower, and the hardwood bed can't pursue the hardness too deliberately, so the quilt should be laid on the board, otherwise it will have the opposite effect, not only won't protect the spine, but also the sleep quality will get worse.

What kind of mattress should these four groups choose?

1. Children

Children or teenagers are in the long body, if they sleep on soft mattress for a long time, it will affect the development of spine, leading to hunchback, spine deformation and bending. So we usually choose a harder mattress and a hardwood board bed to protect the bones of the body. Children generally grow taller.

2. Young people

Young people's bones are mature, and they are tired after work, so they need to relax their bodies to relieve pressure, so they are suitable for sleeping on a soft mattress, increasing the quality of sleep, and ensuring a full working state the next day. But if there is serious spondylosis, it is still necessary to consider the actual situation, choose a more suitable mattress, or plank bed.

3. The elderly

The elderly often have problems such as lumbago and leg pain, lumbar muscle strain, osteoporosis, etc., too hard mattress is uncomfortable to sleep, too soft mattress is not good for these physical problems, and it makes them more difficult to get up, and there is a risk of falling. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose a harder mattress according to the situation, of course, it will be better to choose a hardwood bed.

4. Pregnant women

Pregnant women are not suitable for sleeping on a soft mattress. They should choose a mattress with moderate hardness. When lying on the side, the soft mattress will increase the pressure on the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, reduce the blood supply and affect the fetus.

So, choose a hard board bed or a soft mattress, and choose the right mattress according to your age, physical health and actual needs, so that you can sleep well every day! Do you use a mattress or a hard board at home?