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What is the role of "Beijing 8 minutes" in 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Mobai bike is a very convenient means of transportation for us to travel. Mobile phones can be used to travel smoothly at a glance, and it is very convenient to ride at any time. Bike sharing has also become a symbol of China's modernization development. In the future, more and more things will be shared, and the modernization development will be more and more rich.

The picture of "scan code and open Moby" appears at the closing ceremony of Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, 8 minutes in Beijing

On the evening of February 25, at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games just broadcast, the camera shot of Mobai cycling in Beijing appeared in the "Beijing 8 minutes" video and broadcast live to the world.

The "2022 meeting in Beijing" directed by Zhang Yimou is different from the "8 minutes in Beijing" at the closing ceremony of 2004 Athens Olympic Games. This time, through various high-tech means, it shows the theme of modern China and the Chinese people welcoming friends from all over the world to gather in Beijing, and dominates the opening of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.

In the "Beijing 8 minutes" clip, Mobai bike, as a representative of China's technological innovation, is the familiar "didi pa" unlocking sound, which is the strength of China's intelligent manufacturing industry. While young people riding Mobai bike together on the street, which represents the green travel is becoming a new trend of China's urban travel.

Just in the past Spring Festival, Moby bike also stepped on the stage of Spring Festival Gala. Moby bike has become a new business card of China. As a gift to the world, Moby bike has not only changed China with sharing bike, but also brought sharing bike as an environmental friendly way of travel to the world. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. Mobai is looking forward to serving friends from all over the world.