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How to encourage children before college entrance examination? How to slow down students' psychologi

Today is June 3. For those students who are going to take part in the college entrance examination, their parents are also experiencing a huge psychological torture. So for parents, do you know how to properly guide their children to relieve psychological pressure before the examination?

1. Correctly adjust your expectations for your children, and plan your learning goals based on your children's actual level.

Second, we must avoid blind comparison and treat the growth process of children as a long-term and systematic project.

3. Don't compare your child's shortcomings with the advantages of other children's, and the results may be counterproductive.

4. Learn to appreciate your children and encourage them to make up for their disadvantages with their own advantages.

5. Parents should timely change their roles, listen to their children's worries and troubles, and help their children to reduce stress.

6. Don't give any promise to children, such as traveling, shopping, giving money, etc., let children understand that learning is to increase knowledge and wealth for themselves, not to learn for a certain material purpose.

7. Reduce the number of family visitors, reduce the number of visits by relatives and friends, and ask visitors to talk less about the college entrance examination and examinees, so as not to put more pressure on children's study.

8. Don't leave the children a way back in advance (re study, study abroad, etc.), because people have a way back, there is no motivation to move forward.

IX. it is not necessary for candidates to pay attention to enrollment institutions and voluntary reporting too early, so as not to disturb candidates' mood.

Learn to regulate the excitement of children.

Xi. Do not follow blindly when filling in the application. When filling in the application, you should communicate with your child more. You should choose the application according to your child's interests, hobbies, specialities and personalities as much as possible. Do not choose only according to the parents' wishes.

12. Communicate and contact with the teacher in charge of the class and the teacher in charge of the class to understand the situation of the children in all aspects.

XIII. When children's mood fluctuates or their behavior is abnormal, parents should become their children's best psychological counselor, find out the root cause of the problem, and guide the children correctly.

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