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Must the wedding bed be new? What are the taboos of choosing a wedding bed?

Marriage is a major event in life for many people. There are many rules and taboos, especially in the choice of furniture. As an essential furniture in the marriage room, the marriage bed is particularly key. So do you want to buy a new bed when you get married? What are the taboos about the wedding bed?

Must the wedding bed be new

Marriage is a big event. Many people are struggling to change their wedding bed when they get married. They also have different views on this.

1. According to the traditional Chinese wedding custom, you must change a new bed when you get married. After all, marriage is not only a major event in life, but also the beginning of a new married life. And the wedding bed is a place for couples to sleep and rest after marriage, so buying a new wedding bed can improve people's sleep quality. And Chinese tradition is to use new ones for everything.

2. Of course, people's thoughts are no longer limited to traditional thoughts and don't pay so much attention to those formal things. I prefer to consider issues from an economic point of view. If I think it is unnecessary, I will choose not to buy a new bed.

Can I go to bed early

It's best not to go to bed early. Before the wedding, after the wedding bed is ready and decorated, people usually wait for the bride to live in before they can sleep. Before marriage, the groom to be can't sleep in the wedding bed alone, which will mean that he will be alone after marriage, which is very unlucky. If there is really no other place to rest, you can find a minor boy to sleep in a new bed. Of course, these are customs. If you don't value customs, you don't need to consider them.

Can the wedding bed be used for others

may not. Never lend your wedding bed to others. When getting married, many friends and guests come home and don't have enough bed at night. Don't spare your bed for guests anyway.

If it's a family member, it may not be all right, but if a guest who is not related by blood lives in your bedroom and sleeps in your wedding bed, it will lead to a decline in your luck. So remember not to give your wedding bed to others.

What are the taboos of marriage bed

1. The top of the beam of marriage bed taboo is a big taboo

Beam capping has always been a taboo of Feng Shui, so is the taboo of marriage bed. Beam capping is to place the wedding bed directly below the roof beam, which is taboo, because in Chinese traditional Feng Shui, beam capping will suppress the owner's meteorite form, which is very bad for the owner's luck, so remember not to put the wedding bed under the beam.

2. Marriage bed taboo marriage bed away from the bathroom

Now our master bedroom is generally equipped with an independent bathroom, which can facilitate our daily use of the bathroom. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, such a house design is actually very unreasonable, especially for the taboo of marriage bed, the bathroom should be far from the provisions of divorce bed, because the bathroom is the source of pollution, affecting the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. Therefore, try not to have a bathroom in the wedding room.

3. Marriage bed taboo the orientation of marriage bed is the key

In our marriage bed taboos, the orientation of the marriage bed is also very important, and the orientation of the marriage bed is best what the bride's fate likes, or mainly the five elements loved by the bride's fate, which is just in line with the traditional concept of "men outside and women inside", which helps to enhance the feelings of husband and wife.

4. Marriage bed taboo marriage bed layout should be reasonable

In the traditional new house, the wedding bed is very festive big red, so all items on the wedding bed must have very auspicious and festive colors.

Conclusion: therefore, whether to buy a new bed for marriage varies from person to person. As long as both parties think it's OK, they don't need to change it. If parents insist on changing it, choose whether to change it according to the actual situation.