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New regulations on driving license sales in 2018 what are the changes in driving license sales in 20

In 2018, the policy of driver's license sales points has changed. What's the increase or change of driver's license sales points? From March 1, the new regulations will be implemented. If you have a driver's license, come and have a look.

[new regulations on sales of 2018 driver's license] as the saying goes, if you often walk by the river, you can't keep your shoes wet!

Driving 365 days a year is inevitable. For some reckless drivers, 12 points a year may not be enough deduction, even to buy points. However, this loophole will be closed soon!

From March 1, to help others deal with the electronic eye points deduction must be signed in advance!

In order to further standardize the handling of traffic violations and severely crack down on the behavior of buying, selling and scoring, the traffic control bureau of the Ministry of public security has upgraded the national electronic eye processing system, and is scheduled to officially adjust the relevant process of handling other people's vehicle electronic eye scoring in convenient channels from March 1.

At that time, if citizens need to handle the electronic eye scoring of other vehicles through convenient channels, they need to go to the windows of all sub bureaus and traffic police teams in advance to bind their face tags. After the binding is successful, they can handle through convenient channels.

This means that from March 1, when dealing with traffic violations of non personal vehicles through self-service channels, you must register with your real name and bind the corresponding vehicles before you can deal with them.

Before March 1, if you want to deal with the electronic eye scoring of other people's vehicles, you can directly deal with the convenience channels such as the police post convenience service point, the police bank counter, the traffic control hall illegal punishment self-service machine.

After March 1, if you want to use the above method to deal with the electronic eye scoring of other vehicles, you need to go to the branch office for face-to-face signing and bind the vehicle before you can deal with it.

Xiao Wang drives Xiao Li's car and stops illegally. He is fined 100 yuan. His driver's license is 3 points. Previously, Xiao Wang could take his ID card, driver's license, bank card, vehicle driving license and other documents to deal with on the self-service machine. But after March 1, Xiao Wang can't directly use his own driver's license to deal with the electronic eye score of Xiao Li's vehicle, which needs to be bound with a face-to-face label before processing.

No way to break the rules and then bind and deduct branches

According to reports, after March 1, when processing the electronic eye score through the 'traffic management 12123' app and other convenient channels, the person to be processed must be the owner of the motor vehicle.

When non drivers of the vehicle handle the electronic eye scoring of the vehicle through convenient channels, they must go to the public security traffic management business window such as the traffic police branch and brigade of the city in advance to sign, or bind the vehicle through the 'traffic management 12123' app, and only after that can they handle the electronic eye scoring since the date of signing.

That is to say: the traffic violation before binding cannot be handled!

If the face-to-face signature on March 5 is bound successfully, only the electronic eye score after March 5 can be processed, not the one before the binding!

A car can get up to 4 driving license points. Is it OK to bind as many driving licenses as you like?

Of course not. There is a limit to the number of face Tags: a person can only bind three vehicles of others at the same time; a vehicle can only bind three drivers' licenses of others at the same time; a person can not bind more than five vehicles of others in history. In this way, with the owner himself, a car can get up to 4 driving license points.

It is reported that if multiple vehicles need to be bound, they still need to apply for binding in the traffic management business window. What documents should be prepared for the face-to-face signature? The original of my ID card and motor vehicle driver's license shall be bound with the original of the owner's ID card and motor vehicle driver's license.