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Who is the best director of the 2018 Oscars? Prediction of the best director of the 2018 Oscars the 90th Academy Awards ceremony in 2018 is about to open. The films and directors participating in the competition are all at a high level. As a very important award, who will be the first to prepare for it will be noticed. Let's make a prediction.

Best director nomination for 2018 Oscar:

Gilmore & middot; del & middot; Toro, the tale of water, Luca & middot; guadagnino, please call me by your name, Greta & middot; Gerwig, Miss bird, Sean & middot; Baker, Florida paradise, Christopher & middot; Nolan, Dunkirk

Prediction: Gilmore & middot; del & middot; toro

"Water story" is really beautiful, plus the film is likely to lose the best picture, so the probability of the best director will increase greatly. Although Nolan has many nominations this year, it is likely to just run with him, but Luca & middot; guadagnino is also very competitive, so we should compete between Gilmore and Luca! However, Xiaobian still likes water stories, so he prefers the best director to give Gilmore.