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What is the best film of the 2018 Oscars? Prediction of the best film of the 2018 Oscars the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony has entered the countdown. This year, there are many Oscar films. As one of the heavyweight awards, the best film naturally attracts attention. So what is the 2018 Oscar best film? Let's make a prediction.

Oscar best picture nominations: please call me in your name, dark hour, Dunkirk, escape from Jue Ming Town, Miss bird, the phantom of neon, the Washington Post, the water story, three billboards

Prediction: please call me by your name, three billboards, Wall Street Post

First of all, "water story" has won the Venice Golden Lion Award. According to past experience, Oscar generally does not choose to follow suit, so it is likely that water story will win other awards. This year's hit "please call me by your name" has received numerous praises. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association award also awarded the best picture to "please call me by your name". Many film critics call it the best picture of the year, so it has a great possibility.

"Three billboards" has just won the Golden Globe Award for best film, which is perfect in terms of the story script. The film starts from the bottom characters, attacks the insensitive society, and the script is full of banter, satire and humor. Of course, the chances of winning the American film will be greater.

Spielberg's "Wall Street Post" also won many awards, but there is a bit of conflict in the political point of view, but if it wins, it means that Oscar is going to fight trump. Xiaobian also thinks that "escape from Jueming town" is likely to become the black horse of this year.