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Why can Li fei'er appear in Beijing for eight minutes? Personal information of Li Feier

The closing ceremony of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games was held, and the "Beijing eight minutes" directed by Zhang Yimou made a spectacular debut. It's worth noting that in a short video clip of "Beijing eight minutes" performance, Li Feier, as the only invited entertainer star, participated in the Winter Olympic Games. Why on earth can Li Feier appear in Beijing for eight minutes? What kind of story is behind it?

The Winter Olympics in Pingchang finally came to an end. I'm talking about 'finally', because I think every minute is very long. The motto of the Olympic Games is higher, faster and stronger. The principle of the Olympic Games is fairness, justice and openness. Such obvious favoritism will be the black history of the Winter Olympics! Fortunately, there are also eight minutes of Beijing for our old plan. Shock the world, that's necessary!

So far, the Winter Olympic Games officially enter Beijing time! What is' eight minutes'? Popular science: since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, the Olympic flag handover ceremony and the image display performance of the next venue (i.e. 'eight minutes' performance') are fixed at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. In recent years, both the summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games, the host countries pay more and more attention to this short eight minute exhibition time.

How lucky is Beijing to be the first city in the Olympic history to host both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics! At the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, these eight minutes are a great opportunity for Beijing to show itself. At first, Zhang Yimou was worried about the weather. If the wind is strong, South Korean organizers can decide not to go to Beijing for eight minutes.

What's the impact of the weather? Yes! The Organizing Committee of the Pingchang Olympic Games is short of funds and saves money in the preparation stage. The Pingchang Winter Olympic stadium can't even cover the ceiling. "Beijing eight minutes" can be displayed, leaving the suspense to the last moment. 24 skaters from Beijing Sport University and 24 intelligent robots with transparent ice screens bring a visual feast integrating technology and culture.

'24' stands for the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Hi Tech realizes image transformation, some netizens joked: how does the low field in South Korea make these high-rise effects! Panda messenger returns to Beijing to collect people's invitation and blessing through the Internet tunnel. Li Feier is the only invited artist in the promotional film! Who is she? Huang Xiaoming's predecessor, champion of cross border ice and Snow King.

"Cross border ice and Snow King" is the first panoramic reality star ice reality show in China, with eight stars supporting the Winter Olympics. Under the leadership of 'battalion commander' Zhang Yimou, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, the champion of figure skating Olympic Games, conducted personal training for the national flower skating team. Through the program, let the stars show themselves and inspire Chinese people's love for ice and snow sports. Let 300 million people go on ice to help the Beijing Winter Olympics!

Li fei'er, from a layman with no foundation to a gorgeous counter attack to win the championship, fully embodies the Olympic spirit! Even in 'Beijing eight minutes', there are only a few seconds. Even in these few seconds, we just shouted 'meet Beijing' with a group of skiers. But through her own efforts, Li fei'er has become a model of inspiration and a new generation of "girl scheming".

In "king of cross border ice and snow", Li Feier made a speech of award: success is not accidental, let's see you in the Jianghu.

At the closing ceremony of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, 'Beijing eight minutes' goodbye to Li Feier. A few seconds, just the beginning