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Hamasaki's announcement of being a mother and a baby's father is a cause for speculation

According to Hong Kong media reports on January 2, Japanese Diva Hamasaki announced on the official fan club website that she had given birth to a child as a mother! " At the end of last year, I gave birth to an angel to become mommy '. Hamasaki, 41, was shocked enough to say a word, but he did not disclose his father's identity or even the child's gender. He did his best to keep it secret.

In 2019, Hamasaki has been working in public, but she didn't see her belly as big as a basket, so it was inferred that she was looking for a surrogate to have a baby. According to Hamasaki's attendance at the event last year, there were many bloated figures. Some netizens thought it might be related to pregnancy. They just covered their protruding abdomen by clothing matching.

It is rumored that Hamasaki was born of a boy, and the child's father is an outsider younger than her. At this stage, they are not married and have no plans to marry in the future.

Hamasaki and dancer Araki Junping

However, netizens generally speculate that the biggest chance for the child's father is the little fresh meat dancer Junping Araki, who has an affair with Hamasaki. The man is 20 years older than Hamasaki. Hamasaki broke out the rumor of Araki Junping's affair in the same year at the end of last year. It was revealed that he traveled to Hawaii hand in hand last June. Immediately, there were many rumors outside, laughing at the two people's' mother child love ', but Hamasaki didn't respond. Last year, they were found wearing the same ring, which made the media speculate that the mother son love would blossom and bear fruit at any time, and Hamasaki had the opportunity to be a bride for the third time.

Hamasaki was married twice. On New Year's Day 2011, she announced that she was registered to marry Manuel Schwarz, an Austrian model who performed the MV of Virgin Road. Unfortunately, she announced her divorce in January the following year. On December 13, 2013, she announced her remarriage and married her 25-year-old American boyfriend Tyson. Unfortunately, the marriage can only last for three years.