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India four legged alien baby what is parasitic twin?

Four legged alien babies, India's emergence of four legged alien babies is just too scary, so why would there be infant deformity? It is understood that this symptom is known as' parasitic twins'. The following small series will give you a general introduction of what is parasitic twins!

Four legged alien baby, according to the daily mail on May 31, 2017, a four legged baby girl was born in India in January 2017, which surprised doctors. Recently, the baby girl underwent an operation to remove the redundant limbs, which has now returned to normal.

When the baby girl was just born, it really scared everyone. Doctors can't understand why there are such 'monsters'. It is reported that the family is very poor, and there is no normal prenatal examination during pregnancy, so there is no timely detection of fetal problems. The mother of the baby girl was slandered as a "cursed" woman.

After it happened, the desperate couple searched everywhere for a way to save their children. Finally, the government run public hospitals were found, and the root of the disease was found. It is understood that this symptom is known as' parasitic twins', that is, the mother of the baby girl was pregnant with twins, but the cells were not completely divided, and the baby girl's spine 'grew' her twin brothers.

This kind of case is rare, according to the medical literature, about one in a million probability. Experts from public hospitals say four legged babies can't live long. They suggest surgery to remove extra limbs, but wait until the baby girl grows up strong enough to reduce all kinds of potential risks.

So, when the baby girl was 5 months old, her parents took her to have surgery. The operation was very complicated and was performed by six doctors for up to five hours. The operation was a great success. Before the operation, the body weight of the baby girl was 7.4 kg, and after the operation, it was reduced to 5.6 kg. In addition, the hospital does not charge for surgery. The baby girl recovered well and is expected to be discharged within the next day.