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How much is a set of Japanese Yusheng stamps?

Since the opening of the Pingchang Olympic Games, the gold medal winners in figure skating have been all over Japan. Recently, Japanese netizens have been scrambling for Yusheng stamps. How much is a set of Yusheng stamps?

Recently, the news of Japanese citizens robbing Yusheng stamps has been exposed on the Internet. This set of stamps consists of 5 stamps, with a price of 1400 yen!

According to foreign media reports, recently won the gold medal in the men's figure skating event in Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, the knot of feathers has been burning all over Japan, and the hot sale of commemorative stamps has been robbed by Japanese people.

The set of stamps went on sale Monday at 10 post offices across the country. Some stamps depict the performance of the match. One of them shows the image of him holding a gold medal. The set consists of five stamps, priced at 1400 yen, or about $13.

In his hometown of Sendai, fans were in front of the central post office before the stamps appeared. The scene was very lively.

A 52 year old woman waited in line for three hours before selling stamps. She said she loved and appreciated everything about the popular skater, including his lifestyle and personality. And said they would keep the collection of stamps.