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Why did Qing nianyan Bingyun kill fan Xianyan, the real purpose of Bingyun killing fan Xianxian

The first season of Qing Nian, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Xiao Zhan, Chen Daoming and Song Yi, is on the air. After watching the end of the first season of Qing Nian, I really have mixed feelings. I still feel sorry for fan Xian's death! The ending is really a divine turn. The screenwriter forced fan Xian, the male leader of the first season, to die. If he didn't shoot the third season of the second season, it would be the end of the ending. The ending said that Bingyun stabbed fan Xian's body with a sword, and fan Xian vomited blood and fell to the ground.

According to the truth, Yan Bingyun has no reason to kill fan Xian. Yan Bingyun's behavior really surprised everyone. Yan Bingyun shocked everyone on the scene when he killed fan Xian. It's incredible! The cause of the matter is that the second prince already knows that fan Xian found out that the top level of Qingguo smuggling in shops in Northern Qi is himself and the eldest princess. When fan Xian knew that the real mastermind behind all this was the second prince, the culprit of tengzijing was the second prince. Fan Xian was filled with grief and anger at that time. When the second prince knew that the truth had been revealed, he gave fan Xian two choices.

The second prince also wrote two letters to let fan Xian and Yan Bingyun make a choice. The first choice is to take refuge in the second prince and help him ascend the throne. The second prince even threatened him to take refuge in himself with fan Xian's three closest people. Naqingguo's North Korean situation was turbulent and the inspection institute threatened to speak of ice clouds. The second option is to kill fan Xian and everyone in Nanqing mission.

The next day, fan Xian made a decision to fight with the second prince to the end. Fan Xian said to Xie Bi, the swordsman of the second prince, to see who killed who first. He was so scared that Xie Bi'An was afraid to do it in a cold sweat. But who would have thought that Yan Bingyun gave fan Xian a sword behind him. Yan Bingyun's Sword Pierced fan Xian's body and fan Xian died with hatred. Kill fan Xian and take refuge in the second prince. This is Yan Bingyun's decision.

But is this really the case? In the ending of Qing Nian Nian, why did Yan Bingyun kill fan Xian? Is it true that fan Xian was killed to take refuge in the second prince only to protect the country from turbulence? The truth is not that simple. In my opinion, the reason why Yan Bingyun wants to kill fan Xian is to deliberately rebel, so as to break Yan Bingyun into the second prince as an insider. Fan Xian knew that it was a little difficult for the two of them to escape from life, so he asked Yan Bingyun to deliberately stab fan Xian and put fan Xian in a state of suspended death, so that fan Xian and Nanqing mission could return to Kyoto smoothly.

In a word, Yan Bingyun is too difficult. I'm afraid he will be scolded again. Before, he was a spy in Beiqi and was sold to Beiqi by the eldest princess. He was tortured and his injury has not healed. Now he has to be a double-sided spy. He feels sorry for him when he thinks of it, and his life experience is worrying. It's really a time bomb. Now think about it, Yan Bingyun's life is really ironic. He was originally from the Northern Qi Dynasty, but he vowed to be loyal to Nanqing to the death. It's too difficult to say Bingyun. It's even more painful to think of his situation. So it's just an illusion that Bingyun killed fan Xian. Everyone was cheated, but what do you think?