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Turn off the lights and play with your cell phone. Will you suffer from glaucoma? How to reduce the

Now there are more and more mobile phone parties. Many people also like to play mobile phones for a few hours before going to bed at night. In the long run, it will do great harm to the body, especially to the eyes. Will turning off the lights and playing mobile phones suffer from glaucoma? Let's see how to reduce the harm of playing mobile phones to eyes?

Is it easy to suffer from glaucoma when you turn off the lights and play with your mobile phone

Now many people still have the habit of playing with their mobile phones before going to bed, and some people will choose to turn off the lights to play with their mobile phones, but turning off the lights to play with their mobile phones is actually very harmful to their eyes.

It is not alarmist to have glaucoma because of playing with mobile phones in the dark. Playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment will cause pupils to enlarge for a long time, resulting in elevated intraocular pressure, insufficient blood supply to the eyes, and the normal flow of aqueous humor before and after the eyes, resulting in acute glaucoma. If we do not solve the problem of stagnant aqueous humor as soon as possible, it will also lead to blindness.

Experts say that using eyes in dim light will cause pupils to dilate for a long time and block the circulation of intraocular fluid, which can easily lead to glaucoma. In addition, the low contrast sensitivity of the eyes in the dark will aggravate the burden of the eye regulation system and further deepen myopia. It is reported that glaucoma is an important concern in public health. It is the second blinding eye disease in the world and the first irreversible blinding disease in the world.

Do you belong to the high incidence group of glaucoma?

The incidence rate of glaucoma is 0.5%-1%, and the middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 50 are 2%-4%, from a few years old dolls to eighty or ninety year old people.

The following are people with high incidence of glaucoma: people with family history, grumpy people, patients with high myopia, middle-aged and elderly people over 50 years old.

Harm to eyes from turning off lights and playing with mobile phones

Cause glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease with intermittent or continuous increase of intraocular pressure. Continuous high intraocular pressure can damage all parts of the eyeball and visual function, resulting in decreased vision and reduced visual field.

Damage to ocular surface

Under normal circumstances, normal people blink about 20 times a minute, but when using the mobile phone, the blinking times per minute are reduced due to too much concentration. In addition, the brightness of the mobile phone screen is more dazzling after turning off the light, which will lead to the reduction of tear secretion and the change of tear composition, and even more serious, it will cause the loss of angular membrane epithelium.

Cause macular disease

In fact, there are many causes of 'macular disease'. Common ones are macular disease and senile macular disease caused by high myopia, as well as congenital macular disease, which will lead to vision loss, but it has nothing to do with looking at mobile phones. However, the mobile phone screen after turning off the lights is particularly bright in the dark. It is difficult to say whether it will cause macular light damage in the long run.

Dry eye and visual fatigue

Visual fatigue caused by long-time use (several hours a day) of electronic and digital products is a worldwide epidemic. In terms of mechanism, focused gaze interferes with the normal blinking of the eye, resulting in tear film rupture, resulting in direct exposure of the cornea to the air, causing discomfort, congestion and even inflammation, and further inducing increased tear secretion.

How to reduce the injury of playing mobile phone before going to bed?

1: Turn down the phone screen brightness

At night, hide under the quilt and play with the mobile phone. Try to turn down the light of the mobile phone. The contrast between the bright screen and the dark environment is too large, which will make your eyes tired.

2: The screen tilts downward 45° about

Don't put the mobile phone screen in front of your eyes. It's best to tilt down 45° Left and right, do not tilt up. Otherwise, the neck will exert force and ache after stretching for a long time. In addition, keep your eyes 30cm to 50cm away from your mobile phone.

3: Try to switch to night mode

At night, the browser and reader should be set to the night mode. It is best to use cold colors and avoid using warm colors. The greater the color difference between the two colors, the more eyesight is wasted. The greater the color difference between black and white, the most eyesight is wasted.

4: Don't lie on your side and play with your cell phone

Lying on your side has the greatest pressure on your eyes, which will cause vision deviation of left and right eyes. In addition, the compression of the pillow on the eyes will cause insufficient blood supply. Over time, the eyes will have a sense of expansion, which is prone to short-term image overlap.

5: Don't lie prone and play with your cell phone

Playing with a mobile phone in a lateral position will affect the blood circulation of the elbow and brain, and may cause inert ischemia above the cervical spine. In addition, prone posture is easy to induce fatigue and difficult to enter sleep.

6: Turn on the light when playing mobile phones at night

Under normal circumstances, people's pupils should shrink when looking at things at close range, but they will expand in dark, so playing with mobile phones in the dark is opposite to the physiological requirements of the eyes. The contrast between a bright screen and a dark environment is too large, which will make your eyes tired.

Therefore, it is better to turn on a light when playing mobile phones at night.

7: If you have to watch, you'd better play with your mobile phone on your back

Playing mobile phones before going to bed has a relatively small impact on health. The way is to play on your back. In this way, all parts of the body will be more comfortable. Except that the arms are easy to be sour and numb due to suspension, you can use quilts or pillows to form support under the elbows. But be careful that the phone slips and hits your face.

8: Eye exercises relieve eye fatigue

Teach you a set of simple and easy to learn eye exercises: look at the distance (at least 5 meters away) for a few seconds, then look at the tip of your nose, also for a few seconds, then look at the distance, and then look at the tip of your nose. In this way, you can alleviate eye fatigue.

9: Tips for playing mobile phone at night

1. Don't stare at the mobile phone, and pay attention to keep your eyes relaxed.

2. Play mobile phones in moderation. It is recommended to have a proper rest for about half an hour.

3. When your eyes feel tired, you can close your eyes or look at the distance, or drop eye drops appropriately.

4. If you find that your eyes are uncomfortable, you should go to the ophthalmology department in time and do not use drugs blindly.