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Tongue tip 3 into Tucao Conference on tongue tip 3 what do you want to Tucao?

have you seen the recently popular tip of tongue 3? Although full of expectations, but about tongue 3 Tucao lingering, even the bean score all the way down. Netizens describe the mood of watching the "tip of the tongue" series: the first one is that the saliva is long and greedy until midnight to lick the screen; the second one is that the tears and saliva are half of each other, which is a bit tasteless; the third one, alas, has been saving saliva for four years! Without saliva, we can only find fault. "Tip of the tongue" response: we want to show how this food is made, and then dig and show what is attached behind it.

On the fourth day of the lunar new year, the third season of "China on the tip of the tongue" returns to the screen four years later. On the first day, one set of CCTV's Nielsen real-time ratings was 2.25%, and nine sets of CCTV's ratings were 0.73% -- one episode of "the tip of the tongue" brought CCTV's nine sets back to the top ten of the national ratings. In the following episodes, the "the tip of the tongue 3" still kept the strength of the ratings, and the average ratings of the first four sets of CCTV's broadcasts exceeded 2%. However, it is worth noting that in the word-of-mouth end, the score of "tip of the tongue 3" has declined all the way. As of February 24, before the broadcast of the fifth episode, in Douban's scoring system, the national documentary has declined from the initial 8.0 score to 4.7, with 26202 Internet users participating in the scoring.

From licking the screen in the middle of the night to finding fault with the 'tip of the tongue'

Some people describe how they feel when watching the "tip of the tongue" series: the first one is that their saliva is long enough to lick the screen in the middle of the night; the second one is that their tears and saliva are half of each other, which is a bit tasteless; the third one is that they have accumulated saliva for four years in vain! Without saliva, they can only find stubble. Comprehensive network of various articles, netizens to 'tip of the tongue 3' listed the following problems: sensationalism, tasteless food; the use of data in the film, allusion error; film editing is too messy, food close-up features too many, full screen a large picture, but look at it carefully but a blur.

"What's the relationship between traditional Chinese medicine lipstick and delicious food?" in the fourth episode of "nourishing", the traditional Chinese medicine lipstick made by students of the University of traditional Chinese medicine raised questions from netizens. Net friend picks out, these raw materials are suspected to be bought in Taobao sanwuseller's shop, even with the electronic scales are the same. What's the meaning of lipstick in food documentaries? This kind of "idle" not only appears in the fourth episode, such as the third episode, "feast", but also leads to "couple" with "Lotus" at BAOYING wedding banquet in Jiangsu Province, and then cuts into Qinggou fish in Zhangwu, Liaoning Province. It doesn't wait for the whole fish feast to be put on the table, but turns around to say BAOYING's all lotus root feast was followed by a well-known martial artist, who started at 9:12 and ended at 17:40, accounting for nearly a quarter of the time. He talked about the martial arts masters' superb skills, great concealment in the market, and the heart process of accepting apprentices after the age of 70. He passed the master worship banquet which best reflected the theme of "feast".

Tucao 1: commentary has a 'flaw'.

The "tip of the tongue" series is successful, and the appropriate commentaries are indispensable. However, the "tip of the tongue 3" commentaries have been caught many "flaws" by netizens. As you know, netizen "xiaodaoren" almost listed the problems of the first set of commentaries word by word, such as "gathering all things in one mountain (wild honey), which makes honey full of sweet" -- honey from various honey plants will not be sweet, but will have the taste of medicine that common mixed honey does not have; Yunnan stone pot does not originate in Yunnan, but the stone pot type in Sichuan Tibetan area is introduced and improved; Chuanshan cooking stove system is set up It's the chef who arranges the wine. Western Henan didn't pay homage to the chef. "There is probably only one kitchen knife for Chinese chefs in the world" - there are all kinds of carving knives at the melon carving place in the back piece immediately. Zhangqiu iron pot, which has to go through 12 processes, 18 times of heat, 1000 degrees of heat, 36000 times of beating, should be a virtual reference. "Pickle is the life of Sichuan people" actually doesn't exist.

In the second episode, the commentaries are also more authentic by netizens. Leshan spicy hot, voiceover said: 'elder sister Zhou needs 500000 bamboo sticks every other month.' she can turn around and say, 'the most popular beef, more than 10000 strings should be prepared every day'.

Tucao two: the content is' hard '.

In the program, there are also some contents that have caused controversy among netizens. In the third episode of "Banquet", the story is that the gardener Shifang is searching for the "crown of Taihu Lake" and the perch can't be found, so he has to replace it with the family raised perch. However, the netizen, Zhou Zhuocheng, who is certified by Weibo as the chairman of the Committee of primary aquatic organisms and water ecology of China Fisheries Association, opened the aquarium, said that "it's not the perch that appears, but the large mouth perch introduced from the United States, which has several levels of meat quality difference '.

Experts from Shanghai Fisheries Research Institute interviewed by the morning news also believed that "what is recognized by the public in Taihu Lake fisheries is the" three white "in Taihu Lake, and there is no" flower perch in Taihu Lake ".

In the fourth episode, "raising" shows Shiping's medicinal diet, and the "shixiantao steamed fish" is also pointed out by the biological man who opened the aquarium, "it is absolutely impossible to be a secretary general's fish, (possibly) grass carp or spinibarbs / spinibarbs and other species". This statement was also confirmed by Liu Wenbin, an expert in Aquatic Science (fishery), School of animal science and technology, Nanjing Agricultural University.

In addition, Liu Linli, a botanist from the school of life sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, confirmed that the cut plant in the middle of 'raising' was nantianzhu. The fruit contained Dianthus alkaloid and the juice contained slight poison, but 'it doesn't matter if you don't eat it'. Despite this, netizens think it's inappropriate to give such a large close-up shot of poisonous food in a food documentary.

The Cantonese soup, which is covered in a large part of the episode, has also caused controversy. After the broadcast of the program, some media in Guangdong published an article saying that the high incidence of kidney disease in Cantonese is related to soup making, that is, "Cantonese people pay attention to soup making & lsquo; three stews, four stews & rsquo;, that is, three hours of soup making, four hours of soup stewing, long stewing time, resulting in a very high purine content in the soup. At the same time, due to the rich protein, it aggravates the filtration of glomeruli and reabsorption of renal tubules, thus increasing the kidney Dirty burden. '-- we all know the concept of food health preservation, but ordinary people don't know how to make up according to the time, the place and the people's prescription. Unfortunately, the length of' tip of tongue 3 'in one episode doesn't explain the doorway clearly.

Tucao three: too sensational, not tasty.

The most perplexing thing for the audience is that when you want to drool at 'tip of tongue 3', it just wants to make you cry. Looking back, in the first episode, the craftsman's spirit of "choosing one thing for the whole life" of Zhangqiu iron pot and in the second episode, "fragrance", the expectations of the laid-off female worker's red sister for pancake stand are restrained; in the fifth episode, "food" has been completely reduced to the ornament of "feelings". In the new and old inheritance of deyuelou, we only see a dish of squirrel and mandarin fish. When Master Sun was forced to feed his family with noodles in Qingdao, he told us that when he said "the master of ramen came to challenge and was willing to lose", there would be a voice over to explain the difference between ramen and the skill of falling. The result was no; when the mother of serious illness made breakfast for her daughter, she became the place Authentic inspirational stories, touching and tearful, but delicious?

The same touching story can be found in 'tip of the tongue 1', but the way it is told is totally different. For example, 'grandma shrimp sauce'. An old woman is making popular shrimp paste in a remote small workshop. Facing a picture on the wall, she suddenly cries. It turns out that the man in the picture is Grandma's dead wife. They have made shrimp sauce together for a lifetime. Just a few voiceovers caught the audience's heart.

Response from the program team: 'change tastes' has a secret

In view of the poor quality of tongue tip 3', in February 23rd, the "tongue tip" program group published an article on the official public number "why do we need to innovate?" what's the "taste' to be changed behind the tongue 3"? The article talks about the secret behind "taste change" in "tip of the tongue 3": "due to the phenomenal communication effect brought by the first two seasons, the third season, which came out four years later, can't help but be compared with the first two seasons. Due to the inertia of thinking and aesthetic, it is inevitable that many viewers cannot accept the innovation of the third season for a while

At the same time, it mentions the dilemma faced by "tip of the tongue 3": when the first season of "China on the tip of the tongue" was broadcast, there were only 40 to 50 food programs nationwide, but now, there are about 400 to 500 food programs active on the screen. There are also food documentaries covering almost every province and city, such as the "aftertaste" series, the "taste" series and the "one city one taste" series. In short, the market environment of food documentary is different. Now, the audience's expectations and feedback are different. On the basis of the first two seasons, if there is no more innovation, breakthrough and development in the third season, the audience will not be satisfied.

We also talked about the seriousness of shooting 'tip of the tongue 3'. For example, many netizens feel aggrieved that Korean kimchi has been selected as one of the world's six major intangible cultural heritages. According to research, China has a long history of making kimchi. The book of songs once recorded that 'melon is a Potamogeton, and the emperor of sacrifice' & hellip; & hellip; the creative team of tip of the tongue 3 once went to Yangzhou four or five times for a cabbage, and also found it The Agricultural University specializes in the history of agriculture and vegetables, and goes to many countries to look up information, spending a lot of effort, only to find out how Chinese cabbage evolves from the north to the South and how Chinese cabbage reaches South Korea.

As for the logic behind the eight episodes of "tongue tip 3", Liu Hongyan, the general director, said that the reason for such a structure is that there is an internal thinking, logic and expression system. "Everyone said that China's food culture is broad and profound, but what is this broad and profound thing? It's not just how it is cut, how it is done, but there must be something deeper behind it 。 We want to show how this food is made, and then we want to dig and show what's attached to it. '