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29 years of undercover in the hospital

Original title: what happened in 29 years of hospital undercover

In the past 29 years, Zhang Caixia, 59, has worked as an undercover cleaner in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University. The reason is that 30 years ago, her 5-year-old son was lost nearby. What's the matter? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Reasons for 29 years of undercover in hospital

Aunt Zhang, 59, has worked as a cleaner for half her life. At the beginning of her career, she didn't want to make a living, but to wait for someone.

Aunt Zhang is a cleaner in a hospital in Xi'an. She is not only an ordinary cleaner, but also some unusual. The reason why she works as a cleaner here is also from a painful past.

In 1989, the aunt lost her 5-year-old son, and for 29 years after that, she waited for her son while working as a cleaner in the hospital.

Aunt Zhang: 'when my father was in hospital, I brought my son to see him. When I washed clothes, my son lost it. '

After the loss of the child, the mother looked everywhere, but never found it. Because her son was lost near the hospital, she stayed in the hospital as much as possible for the last hope. In order to stay, she changed many cleaning companies, and countless doctors and patients had been together.

Aunt Zhang: 'I come here early every day. I always feel that I can wait until today when I ride my car, but I can't find it after one day. It's a bad taste. I often cry on the way back, and some people call me ill & hellip; & hellip;'

In the first few years, both husband and wife spent their savings on the way to find a baby. To this day, the traces of running are still kept at home.

When it comes to children, Aunt Zhang can't help but want to shed tears. She told reporters that she and her wife are really not good at all these years & hellip; & hellip;

My mother worked in the hospital and my father waited in the shop. And recently, finally, Kung Fu is not inferior to those who want to. There is good news that their son is back.

Aunt Zhang: 'at first I was very happy, but I was afraid, because I was afraid it was fake, just like before. '

This time, the police told the ER Lao. Through DNA comparison, the lost son was contacted in Xinyang, Henan Province, and he will be back tomorrow. Tomorrow, the reporter of metropolis express will continue to follow the elder brother to meet the little son who they have been waiting for too long.