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What's the matter with the human flesh exposed by the sun? What does Jingri mean?

This morning, Huanhuan reported that the micro blogger 'Eagle of God' who repeatedly exposed the behavior of Jingri (mental Japanese) claimed to be human flesh. What's the essence of the day exposure event? Follow Xiaobian to comb it.

In this morning's tweet, hundreds of netizens left a message in support of blogger @ eagle of God.

@The central micro blog of the Communist Youth League also voiced solidarity and put the micro blog at the top?

He was also curious about the original intention of "God's eagle"'s exposure of the sun, so he got in touch with him at the first time.

For the ring, which claims to be from the media, 'Eagle of God' is very cautious and requires the ring to show a press card.

Fortunately, Huanhuan was employed with certificate, which was able to stand the test.

In the short-term wechat communication, 'Eagle of God' doesn't love long speeches and words. He said that the pictures he exposed were basically from the Internet or provided by insiders.

Tang and song, who were recently exposed wearing Japanese military uniforms in Zijinshan, Nanjing, were detained by Nanjing Police for 15 days. In the words of "Eagle of God", they were "successful in the first battle", but their first reaction was "only 15 days"

Why should we insist on the exposure of fine day?

'the eagle of God' said that his pictures on Weibo have explained everything & DARR;

The happy time we enjoy today is the result of martyrs' lives and blood donation. We should learn to be grateful. He said.

In the interview, 'Eagle of God' hoped that Huanhuan could quote his micro blog calling for national legislation, 'which is the greatest help to us'.

In this micro blog, the "Eagle of God" said, "our real purpose should not be limited to punishing the perpetrators, but to arouse the attention of public opinion and promote national legislation. Only when there are laws to abide by can we form a deterrent force, and then we can fundamentally put an end to this kind of behavior! "

After being human flesh, don't worry about bringing trouble to your life?

'Eagle of God': I am very calm and ready to send the picture.

At the time of publishing, Huanhuan found that her microblog had been forwarded by others, with DARR, the content suspected of threatening the family members of the informant;

'Eagle of God' also responded on Weibo.

This, obviously, is not over.