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The boy was injured by falling in love with his girl classmate

On December 28, the Publicity Department of Yangxian county Party committee in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province issued a notice from the Bureau of education and sports on the situation of a boy jumping from a building and injuring a girl in Yangxian middle school.

According to the report, on December 25, a boy in senior three of Yangxian middle school jumped off the balcony on the second floor after school in the afternoon due to puppy love, and injured a passing girl when he landed. After the incident, the school immediately dialed 120 to send the two injured to Yangxian hospital for treatment, and coordinated with parents to appease students and cooperate with treatment. The leaders of the school and the education and Sports Bureau also visited the injured students in the hospital. At present, the boy is emotionally stable and his physical functions are normal; The hospital conducted a comprehensive examination and expert consultation on the injured girl. There was no abnormality except thoracic fracture. The doctor suggested that she be hospitalized and lie down for rest.

The county education and Sports Bureau requires the school to fully cooperate with parents to do a good job in children's treatment and psychological counseling. At the same time, it should take a warning and seriously pay attention to students' mental health education.

Source: World Wide Web