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Lolita's actress Sue Lane died. Profile of sue Lane's works

according to the New York Times, Su & middot; Ryan died in Los Angeles on Thursday. Her friend revealed that sue & middot; Ryan's' health is deteriorating ', but did not provide the cause of death.

Su & middot; Ryan, an American actress and model, beat more than 800 actors and starred in Lolita directed by Kubrick. The film tells about the ambiguous relationship between a middle-aged man and a minor girl. Because of the sensitive content, the film was secretly filmed in London, when Su & middot; Ryan is only 14. However, in the film, she wears a bikini, Red Sunglasses and licks a lollipop, which has also become her classic screen image. Subsequently, she starred in Wushan stormy night, seven women, tonilom and other films.