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How about getting married on Laba Festival? How to choose an auspicious wedding day

Is Laba Festival suitable for marriage? Laba Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It is of great significance among Chinese people. Many young people want to have a wedding on Laba day. Do you know Laba Festival is suitable for marriage? How to choose an auspicious wedding day? Let's have a look with Xiaobian

Will you get married on Laba Festival on January 2, 2020? Should you get married?

It can be seen from the Yellow calendar that it is appropriate to get married on Laba Festival on January 2, 2020, that is to say, it is suitable for marriage.

Laba yellow calendar in 2020

Gregorian calendar: Thursday, January 2, 2020

Lunar calendar: 2019 (December)

Ganzhi: in the year of 1911, Bingzi month, Jiachen day

Stars: Pleiades (Pleiadian Rooster) destiny star

Fetal God Zhanfang: inner east of the rooster's house

Peng zubaiji: if a doesn't open his warehouse, his property will dissipate. If Chen doesn't cry, he will lose the Lord again

Chong Sha: Chong Gou (1898) Sha Nan

24 solar terms: mild cold (January 6), severe cold (January 20)

[appropriate]: start the business, get the marriage certificate, start the ground, get engaged, bury Shangliang, open the school, ask for offspring, go to the post, pray for blessings and sacrifice, lift the opening ceremony, accept wealth, tailor clothes, marry, accept crown hairpin, set up coupons, erect columns, plant fasting rituals and ask for wealth

[taboo]: move, decorate, enter the house, travel, build an Xiangna livestock, migrate, build houses, seek medical treatment, divorce, open warehouses, build bridges, buy property, build embankments, go out to court and go boating

Auspicious God should tend to: age, virtue, Daming, four phases, sky, horse and moon

Evil spirits should be avoided: white tiger, white tiger, middle official talisman, yin and death, river Kui dragon, tiger tile, disaster and defeat the moon

How to choose an auspicious wedding day

1. When getting a marriage certificate, try to avoid the days that are not suitable for marriage, and avoid the dates that conflict, punish and harm your relatives. (a married woman should also avoid the month of punishment, attack and harm of her zodiac and marriage month, regardless of the man; both men and women who handle certificates can ignore the month.)

2. Parents' birthday should not be the same as the auspicious day of marriage, but it is absolutely appropriate to get married in that month.

3. The bride and groom had better avoid the birthday month. Marriage has nothing to do with handling certificates.

4. It is best to avoid auspicious days in March, July and September of the lunar calendar, because these three months coincide with "Qingming", "Yulan" and "Chonggong", which are traditional "Ghost Festival" and should not hold happy events.