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How much is the quoted price of Liufu gold today? List of quotation of Liufu platinum today

How much is the quoted price of Liufu gold today? How much is the price of Liufu platinum one gram? Many people want to know the quotation of Liufu gold today. Let's take a look at the quotation of Liufu gold together with Xiaobian

Introduction to Liufu gold

Liufu group was established in 1991 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 1997. Liufu group (International) Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries were founded by a group of senior jewelry professionals, bringing together more than 40 years of experience of founding shareholders in the jewelry industry. They have made great achievements in all aspects of procurement, sales, administration, finance and marketing.

Liufu group is mainly engaged in the procurement, design, wholesale and retail business of all kinds of yellow platinum jewelry, gold ornaments, diamond jewelry, natural emeralds, gemstones and other accessories. At present, the group has more than 860 Liufu jewelry retail stores in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, the United States and Canada, all located in crowded shopping areas and densely populated residential areas. The group will continue to explore new business opportunities in the international market and actively expand the Chinese and overseas markets to cooperate with the enterprise development of the group's "international interpretation of Hong Kong famous brands".

Liufu group is famous for its fashion jewelry product design. In order to meet the needs of different customer groups, the group from time to time introduces jewelry products with fashion, meticulous workmanship and different Festival characteristics. With a keen sense of fashion, the group's professional jewelry design team is committed to designing innovative and unique jewelry products to lead the trend. At present, we provide customers with more than 20000 styles to meet the needs of customers of different tastes, types and ages.

In order to broaden the vision of the design team and improve the innovation ability, the group has actively participated in various local and international jewelry design competitions. So far, it has won more than 140 awards, which has been highly praised by all professionals.