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2018's latest Lantern Festival blessing language Daquan full of affection and honey to make each oth Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. It's like a festival for family members to express their thoughts and blessings. A bowl of dumplings affects the taste buds and gives them a full sense of happiness. How can we get less blessings in this festival? Now I have compiled a collection of blessings for the Lantern Festival. I hope I can help you express my thoughts and blessings.

1. The Lantern Festival is here! My friend, I miss you just like this lantern festival. It's stuffed, pinched and boiled in a pot. It's filled in a bowl. It's in your mouth. It's too sweet! Happy Lantern Festival!

2. My friend, the 15th festival of the first month is coming, and the full moon makes Yuanxiao noisy. Family reunion happy Taotao, after eating dumplings to watch the lively. Firecrackers were set off in the streets, and the riddles of the lights were filled with sweat. The dragon and lion dance is really wonderful. They try to compete one after another. Contented life is good, a better tomorrow will come. Happy Lantern Festival!

3. Put on a colorful lotus lamp to move the happy ripples of your heart lake; knock the evening bell of the festival, let my love throb in your heart! Happy Lantern Festival!

4. On the 15th day of the first month, the children are round, and on the 15th day of the first month, the soup is round. I wish you a year of success in your career, good luck, good luck and happiness, sweet and sweet life in your childhood, and happy and reunited Lantern Festival.

5. Send you 365 sweet dumplings, a dumpling represents a day's smile and blessing! Wish you happy every day in 365 days of 2018, 8760 hours, 525600 points and wonderful! Happy life is sweeter than honey!

6. On the 15th day of the first month, there are many celebrations, happy family reunion, happy mood, many friends, healthy and happy body, a lot of money, good luck every year, and many good wishes!

7. Taste the soft and vigorous dumpling skin to make you safe, healthy and happy; chew the sweet dumpling stuffing to make you happy and happy; drink the hot dumpling soup to make you happy and refreshed. Wish you a bowl full of dumplings and your family a happy and happy Lantern Festival!

8. On the 15th day of the first month, happy reunion, many happy events, not too much money, good health, good luck, good luck, good luck, happy Lantern Festival!

9. The wish of the 15th day of the first month is the sweetest sweet fragrance in the steaming Lantern Festival; the wish of the 15th day of the first month is the brightest lotus in the silent pond; the thought of the 15th day of the first month is the time to think of you and hope to see your happy smile!

10. With sincere blessing, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival, with good things as round as the moon on the 15th day of the first month, good luck as round and round as Tangyuan, and good days as colorful as lanterns.

11. Step on stilts, step on a promising future; cut window flowers, cut a flower to bloom; eat Tangyuan, eat a family reunion; guess lantern riddles, guess a country, its people and its people. The Lantern Festival is here, wish you happy!

12. On the 15th day of the first month, when the children are round, they are sweet in heart. Sweet and beautiful, they eat dumplings, which symbolize family reunion and celebrate the new year. I wish your family a happy Lantern Festival and happiness forever.

13. The first full moon in the year of the dog, the sea and the sky are blue and bright, the lights of Pingchuan match the fresh flowers, and the beautiful night reflects your happy face. I am infatuated with your smiling face, as if seeing Chang'e reappear. Read you again and again.

14. Wish the Lantern Festival: it's the middle of the day. There are countless gold coins. It's not hard to work. People are like mice, romantic music and happy pigs.

15. The moon is round in the sky and the people on the earth are reunited: after the Lantern Festival, we will work together to create brilliant career!

16. When the Lantern Festival arrives, a bubble will appear in the message. Eyebrows up, the mood will be better. Smile, happiness for a second. To be a man in the right way has its own lucky stars. Don't worry about gain and loss, life is better. All the best for the New Year!

17. When the Lantern Festival arrives, I will give you a bowl of dumplings. I wish you happiness, happiness, romance, harmony, health, peace, auspiciousness and reunion!

18. The reunion of Lantern Festival products is indispensable for sweet Lantern Festival, which tastes delicious and melts feelings. You need to wait and see when you buy it: first, you can buy it at ease in regular shops, and there is no guarantee in roadside stalls; second, you can't buy it without QS sign, and you can't buy it if the sign is unclear; third, you can see the appearance of the product: it's very important to pack it well, and the deformation quality of Tangyuan is poor. Wish you buy high quality dumplings and have a healthy and peaceful Lantern Festival!

19. Happiness clings to happiness, happiness covers health, success covers luck, struggle drives wisdom and beauty around youth. The Lantern Festival you bless with any method will have a best-selling market. For example, when I send a handsome message, I follow the beautiful you, even though it's just a message. Ha ha, happy Lantern Festival.

20. My friend, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival, full of vitality every minute, happy every moment, happy every day, happy every year, happy every day, happy every day, happy every day, happy every year, happy every day, I sincerely wish you a happy, happy, healthy and beautiful body, happy and incomparable!

21. On the Lantern Festival, the moon rises, Chang'e man dances to see the shadows, the fragrance of the Lantern Festival comes from the full moon, singing a song to enjoy the beautiful scenery, family and friends get together to share their old love, and in the full moon of Acacia, the night of reunion is full of thoughts, sharing happiness and exhortation. I wish you happiness and well-being in the Lantern Festival, the full moon love garden reunion, all the best wishes!

22. Hang a lantern for you, wish you good luck and good luck; cook a bowl of Tangyuan for you, wish you family reunion and life match honey; pour a cup of wine to you, wish you everything goes well and wealth is continuous; send a blessing to you, wish you happiness and peace around; Lantern Festival, wish you happiness and joy!

23. Look at your eyes after eating the Lantern Festival, with sweet heart; look at your face after eating the Lantern Festival, with bright smile; look at your stomach after eating the Lantern Festival, wow! Good round! Although the Lantern Festival is good, don't be greedy -- happy Lantern Festival!

24. Those who receive the text messages are the lucky ones of, and this blessing can be forwarded through the text messages to let people who know themselves and themselves get the same happiness! Forward! Let the people around you be happy!

25. Look at your eyes after eating the Lantern Festival, with sweet heart; look at your face after eating the Lantern Festival, with bright smile; look at your stomach after eating the Lantern Festival, wow! Good round! Although the Lantern Festival is good, don't be greedy -- happy Lantern Festival!

26. The full moon on the 15th day of the first month, the colorful lanterns on the 15th day of the first month, the sweet dumplings on the 15th day of the first month, the brightest fireworks on the 15th day of the first month, and the best wishes on the 15th day of the first month. Happy Lantern Festival

27. Home is the source of wealth;. I wish the Lantern Festival a happy reunion.

28. When it's cold, it's hard and sweet; when it's hot, it's soft and sticky; when it's intentional, it's not exposed; it's pure and free, not tangyuan. May our destiny always be together. I'm shaking your smile on the Lantern Festival!

29. One bite makes the family happy and sweet; two bites make the family healthy and happy; three bites make the family rich and rich; four bites make the family safe all the year round. May your happiness be endless. The Lantern Festival is as happy as honey!

30. Remember, from this moment on, you have to be safe every minute of the day, every year is Xiaoxiao. With my blessing, happy is forever and ever! Happy Lantern Festival!

31. Let go of a wishing lamp and wish you all the best of luck, happiness, health and good luck. Wish you a happy Lantern Festival!

32. On the 15th day of the first month, the child is round, the love of thousands of miles is led by text messages, the guessing of riddles and the enjoying of the moon are happy, and the meeting under the moon is romantic. Come to the bowl of Tangyuan to have a taste, the family reunion is happy, the good luck and happiness are continuous, the good luck and happiness are continuous, the mood is joyful and the laughter is full, and the Lantern Festival is endless!

33. A couplet for celebrating, a paper window cut for auspiciousness, a row of lanterns for the future, a firecracker for spring breeze, a plate of dumplings for hope, a bowl of soup for reunion, a cup of wine for blessing, and a blessing for care. Happy Lantern Festival

34. Friends, in this joyful day, after a long absence, may the Lantern Festival lights bring you peace and joy, and I miss you deeply!

35. I use the flour of blessing, the water of happiness and the stuffing of missing to boil the sweet dumpling for you with the flame of love! Wish you happy for a long time, sweet forever! Happy Lantern Festival!

36. The Lantern Festival is coming. I wish you a healthy and sweet day like the black sesame Lantern Festival, rich as the five kernel Lantern Festival, and delicate as the Dousha Lantern Festival. Eat this bowl of Lantern Festival and you will be happy forever!

37. When the Lantern Festival arrives, I'll give you a colorful lamp. Red represents happiness, green represents happiness, yellow represents dream, blue represents missing, orange represents sustenance, purple represents hope, blue represents auspiciousness, and I'd like to draw your four seasons of well-being!

38. The Lantern Festival Lights the flowers, the happy mood falls profusion, the Christmas Eve celebrates for you, the auspicious star rises for you, the auspicious fire dances for you, the joyful song sings for you, the dream month circles for you, the new year splendid you are most dazzled!

39. Another round of beautiful moon, another Yuanxiao Festival, another night of missing, another sincere blessing. Wish: reunion! Sweet honey! Shun Sui Li! healthy!

40. After eating the Tangyuan lantern, I miss you in a hurry, happy to the water, happy with you this life, enjoy the moon to send blessings, greetings to you the most focused, happy to rely on Optimus Prime, good luck with your cool life. I wish you a happy Lantern Festival.

41. On the day of the Lantern Festival, fireworks bring you warm feelings, colorful lights send you sincere wishes, wish you happiness, good luck, family reunion, laughter, new year's day and good day!

52. On the Lantern Festival, I'd like to send you a bowl of tangyuan. I hope that after you eat, love is like Tangyuan, which sticks together and doesn't separate; business is like Tangyuan, which makes a lot of money; life is like Tangyuan, which tastes sweet and Zizi!

63. The beautiful night sky presents the dream; the round moon realizes happiness; the beautiful lantern dresses up the festival; the warm message conveys the blessing; my wish: wish you a happy and happy Lantern Festival every day.

64. Lanterns for the new year's Eve, with years of auspicious snow and good harvest, jade candles for thousands of households, lanterns for thousands of families, I wish my dear friends a happy Lantern Festival!

65. Whether there is a lamp or not is not entertaining, and whether there is a lamp or not is not spring. When spring comes to the world, people are like jade. When the lamp burns, the moon is like laziness. If you don't smile, how can you get rid of this good time.

66. The wind is soft, the rain is moist, the flowers are good, the moon is round, and the happy life is sweet day by day; winter goes, spring comes, like water, like smoke, a year's holiday is in front of us! I wish you a happy and healthy Lantern Festival. Congratulations on getting rich!

67. Go through the years, taste the friendship; pass on the missing and send the blessing: every gust of wind in the new spring has my heartfelt blessing, and every inch of moonlight is my concerned advice: take care of yourself, cherish life, and be happy as the eternal of the moon! Happy Lantern Festival!

68. Wish your happiness is a bowl of sweet dumplings: it looks sweet and sweet, beautiful and attractive, with a sweet bite, full of warmth; when you eat it, your mouth is cocked up, and you are satisfied; when you have a happy Lantern Festival, don't forget to eat dumplings!

69. What is the sweetest in the world? You cooked the Lantern Festival. What is the most beautiful in the world? Watch the moon with you. During the Lantern Festival, I will enjoy the lanterns with you while eating the lantern you cooked.

70. Spring flowers