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Who is the winner of the 7th issue of 2018 singers? The 7th issue of the song list is exposed

I'm a singer with a high ratings in the season. This year's "singer 2018" hit the air. The sixth issue of Su shiding will be eliminated in the competition. Who will be the champion in the seventh issue? Let's have a look at the seventh issue of the song list!

Singer's 2018 seventh song list

1. Su shiding's behind (back)

This is a song composed by Lin Junjie for Zhang Huimei and included in the album. Su Su's song selection is very excellent and her voice is also very good. Unfortunately, she was rejected in the last one. Good girl, I hope you can enjoy the singer stage quietly.

2. I'll take care of you by Hua Chenyu

This song is very interactive. It's a wise choice to sing your own song in two consecutive days of intense recording. Before the program was broadcast, I could think of how much the scene was burning and exploding.

3. Dream chaser by Zhang Shaohan

Ah, the big red and red skirt is so beautiful, isn't it? Why is Zhang Shaohan so beautiful in every issue

No matter what, I can't help but want to boast about our beautiful and good Angela.

4、Jessie J《never too much》

It's heard that this program is on the eighth day of the lunar new year in China. Jesse specially chose this song that is most often played at family gatherings in Britain. She also wore a dress with the Chinese character "near the red", which is so cute~

5、KZtandingan 《say something》

In this scene, we chose to highlight a guitar among many musical instruments. Come on! Our little bean!

6. Li Quan: love in life

This song is the epilogue of the classic movie journey to the West. Mr. Li Quan added new elements including psychedelic rock, electronic music and world music to the song. At the same time, he also creatively integrated special percussion music: UDU, wavy sound and electronic drum. He hopes to achieve a connection in emotion through this combination of new and old alternation, and then use modern means to reflect the emotion of the old time and show the sense of time and space stepping brought by "Moonlight box". I'm looking forward to this song~

7. Wang Feng's youth

Some netizens said that Mr. Wang Feng is constantly challenging himself, but also constantly challenging the copywriting ability of the program group.

Friendship tip: song title is the highlight.

8. Tenger's paradise (Supplement)

The same paradise, refreshing arrangement ~ Mr. tenger is a powerful opponent. From the audience, it is revealed that our teacher tenger is surrounded by countless fans as soon as he opens his voice. Is the old artist's style inconsistent with the singer? Is the singing not suitable for the audience? It doesn't exist. According to the Internet, Mr. tenger won the second place for the first time with strong strength, which will be broadcast tomorrow night.

At present, Wang Feng, Li Quan and KZ are ranked behind, but the explosive power of KZ is still there, while Zhang Shaohan's ranking is very unstable. After this competition, it's the elimination competition, and there are powerful singers in the program. These singers are very dangerous, and they sweat for the singers.