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How to wash down jacket? Can the down jacket be machine washed directly?

In cold winter, people in many areas can't live without the down jacket as a thermal artifact, but the down jacket is very troublesome to clean while keeping warm. Can the down jacket be washed by a washing machine? How to clean is simple and effective?

Can the down jacket be washed in the washing machine

Down jacket can't be washed by washing machine because of the following three disadvantages.

1、 Injury down jacket

Many people will find that the washed down jacket is not as warm as before. This is because the coating on the surface of down jacket can keep warm, and the protective layer will fail after washing in the washing machine.

2、 Washing machine explosion

The news of the explosion of washing down clothes by the washing machine often appears, because the air in the down clothes can not be discharged even in the rapid rotation, resulting in an internal explosion and damaging the washing machine.

3、 It can't be cleaned

The down jacket is too heavy. Often one or two pieces occupy the whole washing machine. There is no space to clean it. After washing, it is found that the stain is still on it, and it still needs to be reworked again.

4、 Clothing deformation

When the down inside the down jacket is moved after washing, it will become uneven, and the original fluffy version will also change. But you can use the washing machine to shorten the drying time.

How to wash down jacket

1、 Large down jackets usually only need to focus on cleaning the stained areas. Pour the washing liquid into warm water, mix it, soak it with a clean towel, wipe the stain hard, and then wipe it with clean water to dry.

2、 The edge of the down jacket will turn yellow after wearing for a long time. Add shampoo and white vinegar to the clean water, spray it on the Yellow place, wipe it with a towel, and then remove it with clean water. White vinegar can maintain the fluffy degree of down.

3、 Small areas of stubborn stains can be cleaned with toothpaste and toothbrush, and then wiped off with a clean cloth. The down jacket will take on a new look immediately.

Have you done all the right cleaning methods for down jacket? Usually, you should protect down jacket to avoid getting too much dirt on it.