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Can Tangyuan distend when eating too much? Can children eat Tangyuan?

The Lantern Festival is coming soon. Tangyuan and Lantern Festival have become indispensable food for every family. Some friends found that Tangyuan eat too much easy not to digest, eat Tangyuan not to digest how to do?


Chinese medicine believes that Hawthorn can not only eliminate meat accumulation, but also modern pharmacology finds that hawthorn is rich in vitamin C, which can increase the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach and promote digestion. Xiaobian suggests that you can eat Hawthorn to help digestion when you have too much stomach discomfort. You can also eat Hawthorn when you eat Tangyuan or yuanxiao.

Reduce oil intake

Eating and playing Tangyuan or Lantern Festival is not digestible. It's better to reduce the total amount of fat in a day later. It's better to eat the big oil things like braised meat, crispy point and fried food some other day. Because almost one-third to one-half of a dumpling is made of grease. Eating three dumplings is equivalent to eating a dish of cooking oil.

drink original soup

But it should be noted that you should not add sugar to the soup. If you eat salty dumplings, you can put some shrimp and vegetables in the soup to supplement nutrition, but it's better not to put grease or seasoning, because the filling of dumplings is high in grease content. Eat more vegetables

After eating Tangyuan, it is difficult to digest. Most of it is caused by eating Tangyuan without matching other original food. Salted Tangyuan can be eaten with celery, cabbage, lettuce, radish and other dishes. These dishes contain a large amount of crude fiber. Using a large amount of crude fiber in vegetables to supplement the fiber shortage of Tangyuan can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is conducive to gastrointestinal digestion. If it is sweet dumpling, it can be eaten with fruit dice and herbal tea, which can slow down the rapid rise of blood sugar to a certain extent, and reduce the stomach discomfort caused by eating dumpling.

Can children eat Tangyuan?

Hello, it's OK for your baby to eat some Tangyuan properly, but the glutinous rice skin of Tangyuan is difficult to digest, and the sweet stuffing will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. It's OK to eat two or three pieces of Tangyuan, but it's not suitable to eat more. After children eat dumplings, parents can help children knead their stomachs clockwise to promote digestion.