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How to send things with Fengchao express cabinet? List of mailing process of Fengchao express cabine

Do you know how to use Fengchao express cabinet to send? If you need to send express, don't want to go to the express point, and don't want to wait for the express boy, just use Fengchao express cabinet. Now there are Fengchao express cabinets in many communities. It seems that there's still an annual celebration recently!

First step

Pay attention to the WeChat public number of the "Feng Chao express cabinet", open the public number page, and click the express mail option below.

The second step

Click to check the nearby cabinet. First, make sure there is a Fengchao express cabinet nearby. If not, play for nothing

The third step

After finding the desired express cabinet, go back to the page in Figure 1, click I want to place an order, and then start to fill in the e-express list

Fill in the list, then choose the express cabinet, and then deliver it to the express cabinet

Express boy will be bumping to take out your express and send it away