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How much is 2018 gold per gram 2018 gold price forecast trend as a global currency and an investment and wealth management product, the price of gold has always been concerned. In the second half of 2017, the price of gold showed an overall upward trend. Let's look at the gold price and price trend in 2018.

The prices of gold in different brand stores are different, but the gap will not be large. The latest prices include: full gold price of Zhou Dafu brand is 353 yuan / g, gold bar price of Zhou Dafu craft is 343 yuan / g, full gold price of Zhou Shengsheng brand is 353 yuan / g, platinum price of Zhou Shengli (pt950) is 352 yuan / g, gold bar price of Zhou Shengli is 343 yuan / g, and gold price of Lao Fengxiang today is 355 yuan / g, platinum 31 5 yuan / g, in addition, 999 yuan / g, 990 yuan / g, 315 yuan / g and 308 yuan / g of platinum.

2018 gold price trend forecast

HSBC daily financial issues a report on the forecast of the future gold price in 2018: HSBC analysts believe that gold is currently bottoming out as the price of gold tries to hold the 1200 level. Although the world's central banks seem to be moving towards the environment of monetary policy tightening, we still think that gold may be slightly higher, but the increase may be small, and we expect that the gold market may encounter resistance. We maintain a moderate bullish attitude and expect gold prices to rise moderately in 2017 and 2018.

Gold is expected to be supported by a fall in the US dollar in the second half, particularly against the euro. That is to say, we expect that the tightening monetary policy and the global low inflation environment will restrain the gold rally. The tightening by the Federal Reserve and other central banks is a negative for gold prices. But increasing volatility in financial markets will help gold. We expect a moderate recovery in physical demand, including jewellery, although this is relatively low. We still maintain the view that the average price of gold in 2017, 2018 and 2019 is USD 1282 / oz, USD 1300 / oz and USD 1330 / oz respectively, and expect the long-term average price to remain USD 1350 / oz.