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What's the matter with American dog food? Dancing on the ice

What's the matter with American combination of dog food? Pingchang Winter Olympics American combination of dog food attracts attention. Although dancing on the ice is a visual enjoyment, it needs mutual understanding and cooperation between players. So what's the matter with American combination of dog food?

Dancing on the ice is a dangerous sport, which requires the maximum tacit understanding and mutual trust between the two people. In addition, the performance needs to have artistic appeal, and the partner must be fully emotional.

After the final of figure skating and ice dancing at the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games on the 20th, Canada's waltu and Moir, who won the title again eight years later, made social networks boiling. Their emotional performance makes countless fans feel the love between them, but they deny that they are lovers. However, it is undeniable that the flower skating movement is indeed easy to change partners into lovers. Many countries have seen flower skating lovers.

According to CNN on the 22nd, the Olympic double champion team shocked the audience with their free dance "Moulin Rouge" and got the highest score of 122.40 points in their career, and won the ice dance championship with a total score of 206.07 points. Their chemistry and passion in the final are unforgettable for a long time, and their "together" voice on social network is constantly on the rise.

I don't care what medals they win, just hope they love each other. 'there are also people who think that their performance can melt the ice and make the audience completely immersed in it. 'however, the pair didn't give the fans a satisfactory answer when they were interviewed. They said to CNN's reporters: 'we have experienced a lot together, and these experiences let us grow together. Along the way, we support each other, which is a very unique relationship, and we are very grateful to have such a relationship. The reason why we can show good chemical reaction in the competition is that we have cooperated since 1997. "At that time, valtu was only seven years old, while Moir was only nine. In Montreal, they train together for 35 hours a week. In the past 20 years, their coaches have changed several times, and they have changed from children to youth.

According to the analysis of "Mashable" news network in the United States, the reason why waltu and Moir are able to show such an impressive performance is that their emotional input in the competition is very real and their eyes are full of love. After all, figure skating presents the audience with stories, and the emotional input of the athletes will directly determine the persuasiveness of the performance. So, although valtu and Moir only admit that they are in a cooperative relationship, it may be because they value their efforts over the past 20 years and do not want to gamble on a relationship with their past efforts.

Although the "love road" between valtu and Moir seems to be unclear, Chris Miriam and himeca Miriam, the American combination of "big dog food" at this winter Olympics, are a real couple.