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Who plays Tong Li in Red Sea action? Profile of Tong Li and Jiang Luxia

The movie "action in the Red Sea" has been released. The only heroine in this movie has attracted much attention. Who is Tong Li in this role? Let's have a look with Xiaobian. When she died in stone, did Tong Li's acting when she peeled sugar make countless people cry? Many people are surrounded by this female man. Do you know who played it?

Who did Tong Li play in the Red Sea Action

The film "action in the Red Sea" is adapted from the real incident of "Yemen's overseas Chinese withdrawal". After Lin Chaoxian '.

Jiang Luxia, as the only woman in the Jiaolong commando team, has attracted the attention of all. She fights with other team members. She holds up her arms and doesn't give up even if her hands are bloody.

In the film, she faced all kinds of real bomb blasts, under the double attack of danger and hard work, Jiang Luxia insisted on the perfect completion of all kinds of actions explained by the director.

In the movie "action in the Red Sea", Jiang Luxia, as another female star besides Haiqing, is not as tender as Haiqing. Instead, she shows us the beauty of Chinese women's power. As a machine gunner of Jiaolong commando, she shaves the size of the play, fights weapons with her bare hands, and presents a more perfect Tong Li. And this also lets the netizens to the only female warrior in the Jiaolong commando full of expectation.

Jiang Luxia, the only female member of Jiaolong team, revealed two requirements when the director invited her to join the group: one is to shave her head, the other is to practice muscles.

Jiang Luxia revealed her secret for the first time: 'I have a secret that I have concealed from everyone in the crew, including the director. "30 days before entering the group, the foot was fractured due to going to the army to experience the role. In order to play the role, Jiang Luxia joined the group with injuries and still dare not tell anyone.

Jiang Luxia herself revealed that in one shot, she ran painfully and was wet all over, and was' laughed at 'by other players. Was she so tired? In fact, it was because of her foot injury and pain, and her fracture was also on the head.

When asked what is the biggest difficulty in shooting, Jiang Luxia said that there are often no scripts at the scene, so she will shoot a lot of extra scenes temporarily. For example, she can't drive a car, but the director wants her to fly a car, after shooting action in the Red Sea, the 'female man' has learned to shoot and start a gun, but she can't use it in life!

Jiang Luxia's personal data background

When talking about her experience of shooting at the scene, Jiang Luxia was outspoken: she was scared to pee for several times, and was also teased by the main creators. "Scared to pee is not looking at, but as a girl, Jiang Luxia was really desperate at the scene, with scars all over her body. "That's what captain Zhang Yi said.

At the same time, Jiang expressed her gratitude to Director Lin Chaoxian for her role as a woman in this film, but she can fight with men in the battlefield together. She also said: this time I will use the role to prove that women can also be at the forefront.

Zhang Yi tells Du Jiang that Jiang Luxia is actually the most distressed player in the crew. She was really sweating when she got her 20 jin gun at the beginning. Even though she had practiced martial arts, she was a girl. Unexpectedly, she insisted until the end.

In the exchange after the movie, the audience applauded constantly, saying that they could not calm down after watching the film for a long time. Jiang Luxia received frequent roll call and continuous praise, and even the host praised: I knew Jiang Luxia seven years ago, today I saw her growth and change, I am proud of Xiaoxia after watching the film, and I feel that you are really successful!

Jiang Luxia appeared in front of everyone because of "cat's ear baby" before, and then began her own career as an actor. She had worked with famous stars like Zhao Wenzhuo, Yuan Biao and Hong Jinbao before. She was the same family as Wu Jing and Shi Xiaolong, which means that she has a strong martial arts background.

This time, I believe that the director saw her infinite possibilities. This film is the style of director Lin Chaoxian in the past. It's a real shot, hoping to present the best effect to the audience.

At the same time, a group of Jiang Luxia's airport Street Photos mysteriously appeared on the Internet. 'mother, this blue boy is so handsome. I want to marry him. "Sober up, this is the child Lu. 'the first time I saw this group of pictures, two little people were fighting in my mind. According to Xiaobian's gossip psychology over the years, Jiang Luxia is afraid that she will become a rising star in 2018.

Nowadays, many fresh meat and flowers are lucky, and they are very popular. But if Jiang Luxia gets angry, she must not rely on luck alone, which is inseparable from her efforts.

If you've seen the Red Sea Action Trailer, if you've seen their documentary, if you're willing to really know her, you'll find that being surrounded by her is just a matter of minutes.