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There are 3 insects crawling out of the eyelashes of men. It's too scary. Where do the hermit mites

It's frightening to climb out 3 insects in the man's eyelashes. Why are there mites in the eyelashes? Where are the mites coming from? Everyone is familiar with mites. If there are too many mites living on the skin, it may cause skin inflammation, resulting in rosacea, acne and other skin diseases, affecting the beauty.

But many people don't know that there are mites in their eyes. The mites living in the eyes will cause inflammation of the eyes and bring troubles to people.

Shi, a man in his 50s in Hangzhou, has had itchy eyes for nearly half a year. Recently, he went to the hospital and found three mites at the root of one of his eyelashes. Under the microscope, we can see the mite crawling slowly.

Dr. Xu Dong took three eyelashes from the patient's eyes and observed them under a microscope. Sure enough, there are three mites crawling slowly on one of the eyelashes. It is generally believed that one of the three eyelashes has more than three mites, which can be diagnosed as anterior blepharitis caused by mites.

Although Demodex blepharitis is a common ocular surface disease, most patients' symptoms are not serious, but there are still patients with keratoconjunctivitis, suffering from serious visual impairment. "If you find that your eyes are dry and itchy, don't use your own medicine. You'd better go to the hospital," said Xu Dong.

He reminded that the middle-aged and elderly people with poor resistance, cancer patients, irregular stay up party, smokers, etc. are all high-risk groups. They should pay more attention to eye hygiene and eye rest at ordinary times.