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Is it true that Sanya's ticket back to Beijing skyrocketed 10 times? How much is the air ticket from

is it true that Sanya's ticket back to Beijing skyrocketed 10 times? How much is Sanya's ticket back to Beijing? The reporter inquired about Sanya's flight to Beijing on Air China app yesterday afternoon, and showed no ticket before February 26. It seems that the skyrocketing price of air tickets is a fact, so it is also very important to do a good job in transportation.

Yesterday, a "Sanya to Beijing ticket skyrocketed nearly 10 times back to Harbin ticket nearly 20000 yuan" news in the network attracted bursts of exclamation. At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, tourists return to many popular cities, and direct flights are in a hurry.

Sanya Spring Festival is the hottest

Air tickets can be used in Europe

According to the previous forecast issued by the National Tourism Administration, the number of tourists in the domestic tourism market during the Spring Festival will reach 385 million, an increase of 12% year on year. Winter in the South and snow in the north are important choices for tourists during the Spring Festival. Sanya and Harbin are also the top two tourist destination cities in China.

Reporters yesterday afternoon in the Air China app to inquire about Sanya flights to Beijing, before February 26 show no tickets. From February 26 to March 1, only the remaining tickets with a price of more than 10000 yuan are available. There are only two first class full fare tickets on the 26th, 13920 yuan. "The staff told reporters that after March 2, there will be extra tickets for economy class, but they are also full price, the price is about 2500 yuan, and there will be discount tickets only after March 5. '

On a travel ticket search platform, reporters saw that on February 21 and 23, major airlines showed no economy class tickets from Sanya to Beijing. The price of Sanya to Harbin is 12000 yuan to 17000 yuan.

Amazing ticket prices make many netizens exclaim that they are limited by poverty and that they can go to Europe for a trip to Sanya in Spring Festival.

Reporters found that in sharp contrast to this is in the next week, Beijing to Sanya have a large number of discounted tickets priced between 500 yuan and 700 yuan.

Return to full price in peak season

Airlines can't raise prices at will

A staff member of a travel agency said that the price of air tickets fluctuated at different times, mainly following the law of "low price in off season and high price in peak season". During the Spring Festival holiday, the number of passengers travelling is large, and the demand for air travel is high, so the price of air tickets will definitely rise. 'but he thinks that the saying that ticket prices' skyrocketed 10 times' is not accurate.' the price of civil aviation tickets we usually see is often discounted and has a strong market price elasticity. During the peak season, the ticket prices of some popular routes, such as Sanya, Harbin, Southeast Asia island and other popular travel destinations, just return to the full price status. '

In December last year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on further promoting the reform of domestic air passenger transport price in civil aviation, stipulating that the domestic air routes with more than five (including five) air transport enterprises participating in the operation, the domestic passenger transport price shall be adjusted by the market, and shall be independently formulated by the air transport enterprises according to law. In principle, the number of routes announced by each air transport enterprise without discount for economy class passengers who increase the market adjustment price in each season shall not exceed 15% of the total number of routes operated by the enterprise in the last quarter (up to 10 routes can be adjusted if less than 10 routes); the cumulative rate of increase announced by each air transport enterprise without discount in each season shall not exceed 10%.

Although the rules open a price ceiling for airlines, they do not mean airlines can raise their prices at will, the people said. For consumers, to be more economical, it is very important to plan ahead of time and travel at wrong peak.