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Cui Zhiyou is pregnant. Who is Cui Zhiyou's husband and what is his real identity

On December 23, Korean actress Cui Zhiyou company issued a document to disclose the good news that she was pregnant. The company also revealed that Cui Zhiyou has been pregnant for 5 months and the expected delivery date is next May.

It is understood that Cui Zhiyou married in March 2018. At that time, she said that her husband was just an ordinary company employee outside the circle. At that time, many netizens were puzzled and thought that as the ancestor of Korean wave and national goddess popular in Asia, how could she choose to marry ordinary people.

However, Japanese media reports pointed out that Cui Zhiyou's husband's identity is not general. He was once the top card of danghong Niulang store in Jiangnan District, and he is not an ordinary company employee at all.

This identity made many people call 'too speechless', and more people questioned the source. Subsequently, Cui Zhiyou denied that her husband's real identity was the boss of an app company. I hope you don't believe the rumors.

However, Korean media revealed that in order to cover up her husband's real identity, Cui Zhiyou also paid to help him set up a company and changed his name to become the president of the company. All kinds of news shocked the public, but he never responded publicly again.

Cui Zhiyou is a well-known actor in South Korea. He entered the performing arts circle in 1995. Just one year after his debut, he cooperated with the Korean popular male god Bae Yong Joon on "first love", which became popular. This TV play was very popular in that year. The audience rating of each episode was the first, which was known as the "crown of the three stations".

Cui Zhiyou's career also continued to develop. In 2001, he cooperated with BYJ again on the TV drama "winter love song". I don't know how many tears the audience have earned from the beautiful and moving pictures and sad and cruel plots in the play.

In addition to these, the ladder of heaven is also her masterpiece. It has been mentioned so far. It is an unshakable classic in the hearts of many people.

Cui Zhiyou's position in South Korea is self-evident, and even has many fans in China. The Enlightenment of many Chinese Korean dramas comes from Cui Zhiyou. Now, a generation of Korean drama goddesses have been married and even are about to have children, which makes people feel the passage of years.

No matter how the outside world guesses and questions, Cui Zhiyou is now only immersed in his own life, ignoring any rumors. Anyway, it's a wonderful thing to harvest happiness.

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