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The circle of friends can comment on the expression package IOS 7.0 Version 9 Android user beta vers

As the saying goes, 'words fail to convey meaning', which means that sometimes what we say can not well express the meaning we originally wanted to express. This is not only the limitation of language, but also the helplessness of expression. However, the appearance of expression pack solves this problem very well! People can vividly present another layer of meaning by matching different expressions or actions with different words. Expression pack has become a common way of communication because of its wide range of applications.

Wechat IOS 7.0 Version 9

Wechat IOS 7.0 Version 9

However, due to various restrictions, previously wechat circle of friends comments could not use expression packs, which can be said to be a pity of wechat social networking. But the good news is that on December 23, wechat pushed a new IOS version 7.0 9. When sending a message, you can reference the previous content, add the function of setting the permission of the circle of friends when adding friends, and you can also use the expression package for the comments of the circle of friends! And can comment on the dynamic picture expression package. Let's go to the circle of friends and try it.

Circle of friends can comment on expression packs

In addition to the IOS version, it is reported that wechat will be updated to the beta version 7.0 10 Android user circle of friends can also send expression packets. However, some of our colleagues tried and found that although we can see the expression package, we can't comment. In addition, there are friends whose wechat version is 7.0 9 official version, but you can also send expression packs in circle of friends comments. However, the latter uses Huawei mate30 Pro 5g version. I don't know whether it is related to 5g mobile phones or other factors.