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Can Alipay flower be phased? Ant flower, how many phases are the most cost-effective?

Many people are using Alipay flower, sometimes for the situation of insolvency, many people will choose installment repayment, but installment repayment is interest, then how much can Alipay spend? How much is the bill for Alipay flower? Let's have a look.

The stages of ant flower chant are 3, 6, 9 and 12. In terms of Huabai, in addition to overdue fees, installment handling fees, installment principal and revolving interest on the minimum repayment amount, other Huabai consumption amounts can be applied for installment, but the installment amount needs to be greater than 10 yuan. So, how many installments are the most cost-effective?

1. It depends on which period is more cost-effective. The handling fee will be cheaper depending on which period. Generally, the shorter the number of stages, the cheaper the handling fee. Therefore, according to common sense, the handling fee divided into three stages is the least.

2. However, sometimes, when you buy goods in installments with Huabai, there will be preferential activities free of commission. It will be more cost-effective if you directly choose the number of installments free of commission. The general fee free preferential activities are divided into six phases.

3. Of course, it still depends on your personal economic situation and repayment ability. If you can't pay off in a short time, you can choose a longer number of installments for installment payment, which can also reduce the pressure of repayment to a certain extent.

In general, because the installment of Huabai bill needs to pay a certain handling fee, the number of installments should be determined according to the individual's economic situation. Generally, under the condition of no handling fee, the more installments, the better. If a handling fee is required, it should be selected within the scope of one's own economic ability.