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How much is the gold recovery price of zhouliufu

How much is the price of zhouliufu gold today? One gram? How much is the price of zhouliufu platinum? Many friends want to know the quotation of zhouliufu gold today. Let's help you sort out today's quotation query. Let's get to know it

Zhou Liufu gold quoted today

What is the gold recovery price of zhouliufu:

Gold recycling is also a means of recycling, but gold recycling is also different from the general recycling of small items. After all, gold is also an expensive item. In fact, there are many factors affecting the gold recovery price. First, the most important factor is related to the international basic transaction price. If the original price of zhouliufu gold is about 300 yuan, then its gold recovery price is about 200 yuan.

How to exchange the zhouliufu gold ring for a new one:

New jewelry (gold price + process cost) * gram weight,

Discount of old jewelry: the selling price of the day * 0.88 * the weight of old gold. New jewelry must be heavier than old gold. Just make up the price difference.

Take gold as an example: if your old gold is 3 grams, today's new gold selling price is 335, the old gold exchange price is 295, and the old gold discount is 3 * 295 = 885 yuan.

PS: the platinum exchange price is about 20% off the gold price on that day.

That's all for the gold recovery price of zhouliufu. We should pay attention to the method of exchanging the old for the new.