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Christmas Eve is an activity to check the origin and customs of Christmas Eve on a few months and da

Every Christmas Eve is a beautiful festival for everyone to send blessings and gifts to each other. How many people really understand this festival? Here are the specific dates, customs and origins of Christmas Eve for your reference:

1、 What month is Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is on December 24 every year, and Christmas Eve in 2018 is on Monday, the 18th of winter in the lunar calendar.

2、 Origin of Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is traditionally a day to decorate Christmas trees, but with the early start of Christmas celebrations, for example, after Thanksgiving in the United States, many Christmas trees have been decorated as early as a few weeks before Christmas. Extending to the present, Christmas Eve not only refers to the evening of December 24, but also refers to Christmas Eve, especially the whole day of December 24. However, because the general festival atmosphere is easy to mobilize at night, large-scale activities are concentrated in the evening, which is firmly called Christmas Eve.

3、 The custom of Christmas Eve

Give each other apples. In China, people also give apples to each other on Christmas Eve. Apple's' Apple 'is homonymous with Ping An's' ping'. Therefore, eating apples on Christmas Eve implies' ping an '.

The Catholic Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve. The Catholic Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve. Unless it's a Sunday. The vigil party is said to be on the morning of December 24. However, it is not allowed to attend the Christmas party before midnight.

Hold a fancy masquerade party. Celebrating Christmas Eve all night is a happy, peaceful and Carnival Christmas Eve and reunion night.