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Nearly 40000 rights holders of Qingnian illegal broadcasting chain have reported the case and invest

On December 21, Wu guanyong, director of the copyright monitoring center of China Copyright Association, said in an interview that there are nearly 40000 infringing links in the popular IP drama "Qingnian", which is related to the lax control of the filmmaker, publisher and platform. The hotter the film and television plays are, the easier they are to be pirated, which is not necessarily related to the platform charges.

According to the authorization of Tencent Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Xinli TV culture Investment Co., Ltd. and relevant obligees, the official authorized platforms of the TV drama Qingnian (Season 1) are Tencent video and iqiyi. On November 26, 2019, the drama was broadcast on two platforms, and the on-demand volume and reputation increased all the way. However, the problem of piracy also followed.

Since December 9, it was found that the pirated content of Qingnian (the first quarter) began to be illegally sold and disseminated on the Internet. At that time, the obligee had reported the case to the public security organ and asked to investigate the criminal responsibility of the relevant responsible person. The public security organ was already in the process of filing a case for investigation.

On the evening of December 19, a large number of pirated content appeared again on the Internet, and even intensified the implementation of infringement and piracy. The official wechat of Qingnian said that the act seriously disrespected the author and infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee. It is also suspected to constitute a criminal crime, a crime of infringing copyright and a crime of infringing trade secrets. The obligee once again reported and filed a case with the public security organ and the people's court.