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Raymond apologized: he regretted his irrational behavior but was angrily criticized by netizens

Original title: Raymond apologized to Dazhi but was criticized! Netizens don't buy it: do you dare to contradict Du Feng?

Bayi team lost 13 points away to Shanghai and suffered 13 consecutive defeats. There was also an embarrassing scene in the game. Lei Meng, a member of the Bayi team, had a conflict with coach Wang Zhizhi and was suspected of breaking foul language. This is another player of Bayi team who contradicted Dazhi after Xu Zhonghao. Although Raymond took the initiative to apologize for the first time after the game, netizens didn't seem to buy it and accused Raymond of this behavior.

As in the past few seasons, the Bayi team's record this season is still very bad. So far, they have only won 1-18. This season, in addition to beating Jilin by 10 points at home, they never beat other teams. After losing to Shanghai, they suffered 13 consecutive defeats.

No one wants to lose the game, but in the game, it is more unpredictable that Raymond, a player of the Bayi team, even clashed with Wang Zhizhi on the sidelines after the team fell behind by a large score, which is suspected of being rude. Although after the game, Raymond stood up for the first time to apologize and explained that he regretted his irrational behavior and didn't mean to scold Wang Zhizhi.

However, for Raymond's apology, netizens don't seem to buy it. Some fans said directly: 'there won't be many fans who may forgive you. You don't deserve to contradict Dazhi, both public and private.' Others said: 'Yao Ming and the Arab League all want to make three points. You dare to scold him. It's really convincing.'

Some netizens are more direct. In his opinion, Wang Zhizhi's temper is too good. If it's Du Feng of Guangdong team or Li Chunjiang of Guangsha team, do you Lei Meng dare to try to contradict Du Feng or Li Chunjiang?