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British invention of new toilet to shorten employees' toilet time, users will feel nervous in their

Original title: it's hard to be a social animal! British company invents new toilet to shorten employees' toilet time

According to foreign media reports, for office workers, going to the bathroom can be a way to rest in disguise during a busy day's work. But at present, a British company has invented a toilet, which makes employees have shorter toilet time and more working hours.

According to the survey, some British staff spend up to 28 minutes on the toilet. Because of this long rest, the loss of business is as high as £ 4 billion a year.

But 'standart toilet' found a solution -- a toilet with a seat cushion tilted 13 degrees forward. This will increase the load on the legs. After sitting on the toilet for about five minutes, the user may feel some tension in the legs, but 'not enough to cause health problems'. This toilet has two types: wall mounted and floor mounted, which has been supported by the British Toilet Association (BTA).

At the same time, the inventors also said that their invention would make the pelvis more stable and enhance the muscle strength of the part. In addition, it can prevent hemorrhoids.

In July this year, a survey of more than 3500 people in eight British cities showed that the average time for Londoners to go to the toilet was 28 minutes, 14 minutes in Leeds and 4 minutes in Birmingham.

A study commissioned by BQ earlier this year found that British adults spend about 416 days in the bathroom in their lives.