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How much is a gram of Mingpai gold quoted today? How much is a gram of platinum? The following Xiaobian helped you sort out today's quotation of Mingpai gold. Let's have a look

Introduction to Mingpai

Mingpai jewelry, one of the largest jewelry enterprises in China, integrates design, production and sales. The world's largest producer and first retailer of platinum jewelry. One of the makers of industrial process standards.

Since the first platinum jewelry was set up in Chinese mainland in 1994 and laid the leading role in its platinum industry, it has become a symbol of the heart of jewelry lovers, with its forging skills and anti traditional pioneering design. Today, Ming jewelry is stable in Chinese mainland's share of platinum retail market, which is more than 1/3, and continues to play a role as the main supplier of many jewelry brands. Based on its outstanding contribution to the global platinum jewelry industry, it was awarded the "special contribution award for platinum jewelry promotion" by the International Platinum Association (PGI) in 2007.

Based on the advanced global integration strength and strong enterprise background, Mingpai jewelry has become a full range of jewelry suppliers including diamond, gold and K gold.

In the diamond field, Mingpai jewelry has been involved in the upstream trade links early, established long-term strategic cooperation with international diamond giants such as DTC and ROSYBLUE, selected high-quality diamonds with 100% matching the perfect bright cutting ratio, perfectly combined the unique texture of platinum with the brilliance of diamonds with excellent inlaying skills, and released the soul of each jewelry from the breathtaking luster, It also advocates the jewelry consumption concept of "transmitting emotion and witnessing wonderful life" of Mingpai jewelry to the extreme.