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What is the price of vivox30pro? List of price and configuration of vivox30pro

What is the price of vivox30pro? List of price and configuration of vivox30pro

Recently, vivo official released vivo x30 pro in Guilin. In terms of appearance, vivo x30 Pro adopts the design of 6.5-inch hole digging comprehensive screen, and the hole digging position is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Many friends are concerned about the price of vivo x30 pro. Let's have a look.

As for the price we are concerned about, vivo x30 Pro is slightly moving. On the one hand, it is the improvement of hardware and the use of new technology. Its price is not cheap. It is reported that the starting price is about 3798 yuan,

In terms of the back body, vivo x30 Pro is made of curved glass, and the rear camera is arranged vertically in the left, which also looks simple and fashionable. In terms of appearance, vivo x30 Pro is still very excellent.

In terms of hardware, vivo x30 Pro is equipped with Samsung exynos 980 processor. In geekbench, its single core running score is about 3100 points and multi-core running score is about 7400 points. Its running score is slightly higher than that of Kirin 810 processor and Xiaolong 730g processor. Its performance has reached the middle and high-end level of the industry. In addition, it benefits from the internal integration of 5g baseband in Samsung exynos 980 processor, Vivo x30 Pro also realizes the dual-mode all Netcom support for 5g network, and is properly at the forefront of the industry.

In terms of camera, vivo x30 Pro also has remarkable performance. It has a 32 million pixel single lens in front, with good self photographing strength. It has a periscope four camera combination with 64 million main camera in the back, and supports functions such as ultra wide angle, 5x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom. Not only the camera parameters have reached the first-class level in the industry, but also the zoom strength is the best in the industry, It can be called the existence of 'telescope' in the mobile phone. In addition, vivo x30 Pro also has a built-in 4350 Ma battery, supports the fast charging function of 33W power, and its endurance strength is also quite strong.