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The Civil Affairs Bureau can't cancel the record when the ID card is lost

(original title: Guizhou woman 'married' due to loss of ID card, Civil Affairs Bureau: unable to revoke the proposed prosecution)

One ID card 'married' twice.

Ms. Dai of Guizhou told the surging news on December 16 that she found herself 'married twice' due to recent house purchase and other matters. One time, she and her boyfriend Huang registered for marriage in Tongliang County (Note: now Tongliang District) Civil Affairs Bureau of Chongqing in 2011; the other time, she registered for marriage with an unknown man Wang in Linzhang County Civil Affairs Bureau of Handan City, Hebei Province in 2013.

'I lost my ID card in 2013, but it was quickly reissued. I didn't expect it would be used fraudulently. Because of the repeated registration of marriage, I can't pass the examination materials. I can't complete the house purchase procedure for the time being, and I may need to pay liquidated damages. " She said.

The screenshot of marriage registration history information provided by Ms. Dai shows that she registered with Huang in October 2011 and Wang in October 2013.

The name and ID number of MS Dai were registered in 2011 and 2013. All of the pictures were provided by the respondents.

On the same day, the staff of the office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Linzhang County confirmed to the surging news that Ms. Dai did have two marriage registration records. In 2013, someone registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau as Ms. Dai, but the Civil Affairs Bureau was unable to revoke the record.

'the Civil Affairs Bureau has no authority to revoke individual marriage registration records. According to the regulations, the Civil Affairs Bureau can revoke the relevant records only when the parties are coerced into marriage and have the certificate of the Public Security Bureau. " The staff member said.

The staff member also said that at present, it is recommended to take the legal litigation channel on behalf of Ms. Dai. Ms. Dai can cancel the record by suing the fraudster or the defect of the registration procedure of the Civil Affairs Bureau. " After we get the cancellation document from the court, we can remove the marriage registration record from the Internet. " He said.

Marriage certificate of Ms. Dai and Huang

Why are there duplicate registrations? The marriage registration review and processing form provided by Ms. Dai at the marriage registry of Linzhang county shows that Ms. Dai and Mr. Wang registered their marriage on October 11, 2013, and the registration materials include the ID cards, residence booklets and statements of both men and women.

The above-mentioned staff also said that the "fake marriage registration" in Ms. Dai's mouth had complete procedures such as ID card and household register at the time of registration, and the staff registered according to the procedures. In addition, the national networking of marriage registration information was only realized at the end of 2018. In 2013, the marriage registration information outside the province could not be queried, so the Civil Affairs Bureau could not query that 'Ms. Dai' had registered marriage at that time.

The fraudster uses the ID card of the acting lady to register the marriage in the Civil Affairs Bureau of Linzhang County, and the materials are complete.

Ms. Dai said she was very upset now. On December 15, she rushed from Chongqing to Hebei to cancel the marriage registration record as soon as possible. But I ran to many departments on the morning of the 16th and was told that I still need to take the legal approach. " The legal channel is very slow, and there are three children in my family, one of whom is only two years old. I can't stay here all the time. " She said.