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How much is Jinliufu gold quoted today, one gram? Jinliufu gold quotation inquiry today

How much is the quoted price of Jinliufu gold on December 16? How much is the price of Jinliufu platinum one gram today? Let's get to know the price of Jinliufu gold with Xiaobian

Introduction to Jin Liufu

Established in Hong Kong in 2002, Hong Kong Jinliufu jewelry (Group) Co., Ltd. is a jewelry company integrating jewelry raw material procurement, design, production, processing, wholesale and retail. It adopts international advanced quality management system and high-quality chain service, which is well-known in the jewelry industry. The group firmly adheres to the behavioral tenet of "profit from benevolence, wealth within righteousness, excellence and service first". On the basis of integrating a number of self operated chain stores, the current group scale is formed. Hong Kong Jinliufu Jewelry Group is committed to the promotion of jewelry culture and brand connotation. It continues to innovate production technology and process, integrating jewelry inlay, jade processing and diamond cutting. It has an outstanding reputation in the industry.

In 2005, the group made the most of the time and made progress in order to further expand the operation strength of Jinliufu and better serve the market. Jinliufu set up a Chinese marketing center and processing factory in Shenzhen, and entered the Chinese mainland market in an all-round way. China has provided better service and business opportunities for its partners. By 2010, nearly 150 franchise stores and self operated chain stores had been developed in the domestic market, with a sales network all over the country. We sincerely invite colleagues from all walks of life to participate in the grand event and enjoy a wonderful life.