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Jay Chou's new song goes online Jay Chou's new song I'm so sure it's good to go online

Early this morning,

Jay Chou's new song "I believe so" premiered

I believe so

Lyrics: Fang Wenshan

Composer: Jay Chou

Singing: Jay Chou

The birds left the forest

The whole sky was discouraged

Butterflies are no longer attracted

The roses are blooming quietly

The wind and rain in the distance never stop

The city is pale and lonely

Wandering helpless crowd

Worried about when it will clear up

The only thing that can be destroyed in the story is the scenery

No one can destroy our dreams

The meteor beside the string moon crossed the sky

My wish

To whom

Meteorites travel through the vast universe

Crystal in the bright night sky

My prayer finally answered

I believe so

Behind you

Always walk side by side with me

Watching the sun rise

Hear the birds coming back

You are the one waiting for me

Gave me firm confidence

Playing dawn with both hands

The original love is so beautiful

On QQ music, there are tens of thousands of instant comments and more than 20000 comments in 7 minutes, 'sunset red fans' can still fight!

PS: some netizens said that the modeling and scene are very similar to the painting sand ten years ago & hellip& hellip;

The release of the new song is just three months from the last "say no cry". Jay fans are flattered that Jay Chou's singing speed is so fast??? It is inevitable that some netizens will compare the two songs, and most Jie fans are very supportive:

Many netizens feel that the new song goes beyond the previous "say good don't cry":

But many netizens think that the two songs are not so good, even not as good as the previous & hellip& hellip;

But the quality of this song is not favored by people. In Douban music, this song still has 7.2 points at 10 a.m. and has fallen to 7.0 points around 12 a.m., which seems to continue to decline slowly.

The previous "say no cry" has just been released, which has attracted crazy forwarding from the whole network. The music platform collapsed, and the Douban score is as high as 8.9 (it has fallen to 5.9).

Indeed, Zhou Tianwang has produced several 'saliva songs' in the past two years. The new song "I believe so" can be regarded as an' online 'song.

However, because the previous peak was too dazzling, "nocturne", "in the name of the father", "sunny day" and other songs still rank at about 9.5 points, which is a record that even Jay Chou himself is difficult to break.

Some netizens also said that this time Jay Chou's new song is clearly dog food!

Because a few days ago, Jay Chou updated the ins to promote his wife Kunling's film sky fire, and predicted that a new song would be released. The name of the song is called "I believe so".

Yes, this song is the theme song of the film sky fire starring Kunling. This wave of 'spoiled wife' operation blinded many fans! Kunling then responded thanks on her microblog:

Jay Chou personally publicized the end of the show and released a new song. The film was released on December 12, a few days earlier than the launch of the new song. Many Jay fans have to go to the cinema to support a wave in order to listen to the new song.

How about the film itself? You may have to see it before you have a say. The film is being released. At present, Douban has a score of 4.9.

However, many fans did not pay for this wave of film + new song bundling operation, and gave the film a low score to protest:

However, many fans went to the cinema to buy tickets to support their sister-in-law, but they couldn't see the new song eggs in the end - many cinemas refused to play the new song on the grounds that the file was too large.