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What kind of women are the most attractive and what kind of women are the most attractive to men

What kind of women are the most attractive and what kind of women are the most attractive to men women often have many characteristics that attract many men's pursuit. They can quickly grasp men's temptation, make them want to give up and conquer them quickly. These characteristics can be called taste, or beauty, temperament, character, etc. in the end, which kind of women are most popular with men? What kind of woman is the most pleasing to the male aesthetic? Let's have a look!

I. clothing: simple can also be taste

Dress is the first thing a man scores a woman. The "economical and applicable" type of man is usually born in science and engineering, and his head is not so crooked, and he is not used to watching colorful and rich clothes. They like women who dress simply and naturally, and have good taste. Your hairstyle can roll out spray, but it's better to be vertical and smooth. You can put on some natural makeup to make your eyes look more attractive, but don't make heavy makeup. If your make-up and clothes are fashionable enough to make him feel that you can only look far and lack of intimacy, then your dream of becoming an affordable wife will be washed away.

Cultivation: be a gentle angel of love

Born in a traditional family, an economic and applicable man hopes that women in this world are as kind, gentle and loving as their mothers. When such women reappear, they can't help but feel like they are in a family. Treat them gently. They'll take you home and let you go with mom

No matter how beautiful your past is, or how passionate and sentimental it is, forget about it, or lock it in the password box forever, so that it won't be exposed. If your ex boyfriend is someone who appears in his eyes, don't mention that in front of him.

3. Communication: the gender of a friend should not be ambiguous

He doesn't like it. When you share your friend's story, you need to guess each other's gender. The economic and applicable man himself has simple communication, and can't accept his girlfriend's cheerful personality to attract a group of wild butterflies. So, think about it quickly. Have you ever left any ambiguous words. You can't bring a word vaguely about the gender of a bear who once gave you a gift or sat in a coffee shop. It's likely that he will be upset all night.

IV. craftsmanship: seduce his stomach longer than seduce his eyes

Economic men engaged in it and architectural design have a weak and thirsty stomach because they often work overtime day and night. At noon, I had to do something in the canteen, so make a big dinner for him in the evening. If your skill is only at the level of boiled noodles, take part in cooking training. Sichuan cuisine, seafood, desserts and soup, at least you have to be familiar with them.